Farewell to a friend – RIP Snoopy

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Farewell to a friend – RIP Snoopy

The man lovingly known as Snoopy passed away on Friday 9th March 2018. He was just 58 years old.
Having battled ill health for well over a decade since his first strokes, the smallest man with the biggest heart helped many entertainers and venue owners up and down the Costa Blanca with their sound requirements and much more. I could write pages and pages about the true legend but all that needs saying is; he would do anything for anyone and always put himself last. This was one of his strengths but also, many times, one of his weaknesses IMO.
I’ve know Oswald Warren Pereira (yes, his full name) since around 2004.
My first recollection is of him playing percussion with Paul Groove at The Bushwacka in Cabo Roig. Talking to Snoopy for the first time I am not ashamed to say I thought he was a little strange. He used to tell the tallest stories, one of the great things about sitting and reminiscing with him… you never knew just how much of what he was saying was true and how much of it had been altered, ever so slightly, for dramatic effect. 
One thing no one could ever take away from him was his knowledge of sound and musical equipment. He was a dab hand at small repairs and, as was mentioned at his funeral, the master of the ‘botch up job’. In my early years here I was graced with many of his hybrid machines and repairs 🙂
The very first Vocal Booth Weekender in 09 saw me ask for Snoopy’s help in sourcing a small set up for the restaurant on the sea in Los Alcazares for the daytime party. The next year, our first in Campoamor, he provided the booming sound system for both pool and Club Xairo. Without him, today’s VB would be a totally different experience, if it would exist at all. He compered the first of the Clash of the Titans events until handing over the reigns to Gillman, and once it became apparent that the mismatch of speakers and amps he so perfectly put together for us would no longer do the job as we required, he also stepped aside from providing the sound. There is no denying, he wasn’t exactly ‘by the book’ in his approach to sound design (anyone recalling him DJing poolside with his iMac and the hard drive soldered to the back of the screen will testify to that) but what he did and how he did it worked for many hundreds of people and events up and down the Costa Blanca for many years. I don’t think the true magnitude of all he has done will ever be known.
Many of the VB Family got to know and love Snoopy aside from his help with the sound. His knowledge of music was second to none and his record collection would put many to shame.
Snoopy passed into a coma after suffering a stroke a few days before Xmas 2017. Myself and Dave Furze visited him as he lay there, without any sign of movement of hope of improvement. We received a call that it was only days before he was expected to pass away. Then, out the blue, I received a message to say he was now conscious and showing signs of recognition and movement. Just a few days ago we visited him again and laughed with him about how he’s been missed and all he had to look forward to this year, plus a return set at VB2018. He wasn’t able to move at all that day or speak but there was definitely a two way conversation taking place that day and I smile as I remember our last moments together.
In his final days he got better and better and was to show full understanding, moving his hands and feet in recognition of the music and jokes around him.
I was meant to visit him this weekend… alas it wasn’t to be. He passed away before we could get to see him again.
Funerals here are a very quick thing. He had a ceremony yesterday that saw over 120 people in attendance and could definitely have risen into the thousands if everyone that knew and loved him had been able to attend, was it not such short notice.
I’ve been in a weird, sombre mood since hearing the news. I am happy he is now at rest as I know he would not have wanted to have lived any life that was not at the pace and energy level he craved. I shed a tear as we said goodbye at his funeral yesterday but now smile and chuckle every time I think of him.
Snoopy lived a hard, sometimes complicated life. I wouldn’t class myself as one of his closest friends and now, typically, wish I had made more of an effort to spend time with him but he made a mark on me that I will never forget and I am forever grateful for all he did for myself and those close to me.
I will remember Snoopy on today’s radio show/podcast.
Rest in Peace, Brother. Enjoy your time with your family and all those other musical giants now.


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