Fantastic weekend in Birmingham

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Fantastic weekend in Birmingham

Myself and Michelle flew into Brum on Friday night and enjoyed a lovely evening at Ashley West’s house with his lovely partner Sally.  Saturday morning we took a nice stroll along Harborne High Street getting a little shopping in, before heading into town.
I spent a lovely few hours with my mom, brother, dad’s cousin and close family friend (as close to an aunt as you can get) and was also joined by Giddy for a short while to enjoy some food, drinks and a good old reminisce about Big Den.
Off to the Malmaison Hotel to try and force forty winks which failed. Early drinks in the bar alone with Michelle to celebrate her birthday before leaving her to meet up with pals as I headed to the Reunion.
Early birds were Gary Ward, Richie Barthez and Dylan Mace before Paul Griff arrived and we got the party under way.
Opening up in the new space for us “Next Door”, the party was just as incredible as we had hoped and the crowd rocked until the very end when we had to end on 6am, still to a pretty full dance floor.
Respect to all the DJs that delivered, watch out for the recordings to come very soon.
lamp2During the evening I was presented (well, Michelle and I were) an amazing, unique gift.  A vintage Shure ‘Fat Boy’ Microphone, converted into an LED lamp now sits pride of place on my lounge unit with an amazing, thoughtful box personalised with the same wording as one of the tattoos I had in memory of my dad. This had been organised by Jeff Garcia and Rob Farrell with the help of many of the VB Family that collected over £700 in a secret group on Facebook. That alone is some achievement because NOTHING usually escapes me ! Words cannot do justice to how grateful I am and proud of our gift. I’m not a great receiver so felt a little embarrassed on the night but smile every time I look at the mic now and will be reminded why it’s all worth it next time I want to throttle someone for not reading info on the Fact Sheet 🙂
Sunday morning I woke around 11am and headed into town shortly after to meet up with Phil, Bobbi and eventually around another 30-40 of the VB Family throughout the day. We chatted, we laughed, we ate and we reminded ourselves of why this Family we have created continues to reward us all on so many levels. A beautiful dinner in the Malmaison on the night with good friends was the perfect way to end the day.
Monday I got to visit my dad’s grave and wish him a Happy Xmas with my mom, brother and Michelle. What a tragic year it’s been and to make it even worse my great aunt and also her brother, my great uncle both past away within days of each other last week. May they all have the best Xmas together up there along with the rest of our loved ones we have lost in the last 12-18 months !
I’ve skirted over the weekend pretty fast here as I am due to do an end of year review in the coming days which will contain a lot more thoughts and ramblings, so all that is left is for me to wish you a very Merry Xmas and I genuinely hope that the new year brings you all you desire and deserve.
Much love.


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