Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail with Mark Wilkinson.

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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail with Mark Wilkinson.

Superstar DJ, world-class Producer, Best Selling Author, Life Coach. Just a couple of the accolades Mark Wilkinson has achieved in recent times.

In this talk we will discuss:

1. Why it is essential to look back on the year we’ve just had.
2. How making plans for the next twelve months is vital for growth, of any nature.
3. Why we must be fully self-aware and and how it assists with points 1 & 2.

[Music] so it is [Music] anybody says with no place to go let it snow let it snow [Music] snow let it snow [Music] and the fire is [Music] let it snow let it snow let it snow good evening how are we welcome along it is Inspire and be inspired uh our weekly motivational conversation occasional life hacks training for good measure uh if it’s the first time you happen up on this video my name is Andy Ward it’s a pleasure to have your company uh today we are looking at plans uh the topic is fail to plan and plan to fail my guest is a gentleman who really um should need no introduction but I will uh give him a brief intro uh before I do that let me bring him onto the screen my good friends and am I allowed to call you my mentor Mark Wilkinson of course you can Andy you can call me anything you want mate that’s lovely that’s very nice compliment thank you so uh very briefly um Mark is uh international DJ producer um former resident for the ministry of San now an international bestseller life coach and um amongst many many other accolades we have spoken at length on many occasions and I’ve learned a hell of a lot from Mark that we may touch on throughout the course of this conversation um but we are really here to focus tonight on um plans plans that we need to look back on did we achieve them this year and uh bask in the glory of uh things that we did achieve look at why we didn’t achieve them and how we can put all of that right so Mark I’m always conscious that you have the better words than me uh so uh put it in your in your wonderful away what we’re looking to achieve this evening well thank you mate yeah absolutely as you said I think it’s very much about um you know looking back at the last 12 months uh you know did we live you know with purpose you know did we have a vision for our life did we achieve our goals the things that we would like to have set up you know and achieved back in January of this year uh very often uh people set up New Year’s resolutions and within two weeks they’re gone right um and that’s largely because people are not um are not aligned with purpose vision and goals uh and one of my goals was to have multiple sources of income which I achieved many years ago um and it’s just something that you know particularly at the moment with the you know you know I start my book within every crisis is an opportunity uh you know people are looking at the cost of living crisis it’s just you know it isn’t it is difficult for people I understand that but it’s also an opportunity to learn more and be better into 2023 which ultimately must be the goal for every human being every human being is every healthy human being is committed to growth in some area whether whether they know it or not right but well this is the thing some people can articulate uh all this information it’s personal development information all the stuff I wrote about in the library mix book um some people just naturally it’s just there you know and they just get on with it other people um don’t know how to do that uh and other people have to learn how to do that and and then be able to articulate it but absolutely if exactly what you say um some people are just like you know not consciously aware of what they’re doing however when you are consciously aware you can articulate and say yeah I’m committed to growth whatever whatever area it could be health wealth happiness be anything in your entire life whenever you want to manifest you can you can literally do it you know what you think is what you bring what you think about is what you bring about okay so let’s focus on happiness initially because everybody wants to be happy all right that is a a desire whether they show it on their face or not we all want to be happy we all want to lead the best lives possible um one of the questions that I asked you when we were coming on today this feed was I have an array as you and I we have an array of different friends with different energies different outlooks on life and some people when they feel they are trying to be positive they are constantly drawing reference to haters they’re constantly drawing reference to being better than certain situations they were in the past is this a positive thing or is it is it actually detrimental to their happiness well I think one of the things that I had to learn very quickly uh if I’m when I wanted you to become successful and I studied a lot of successful people and I continue to do that by the way I don’t think I’ve made it I just keep studying and keep studying successful people one of the very first things that nearly every one of them said is what anyone else thinks of you is none of your business um and that’s a really uh freeing piece of information once you internalize it not just consciously but actually in your emotions once you internalize it you then become um aware that it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks or says or does because that’s their Journey um now when you’re putting out positive information into the world um it can attract people that are triggered by you improving yourself some people don’t like change they don’t want you to change by the way uh you know but ultimately you have a choice as a human being you have a choice to change to grow to achieve a goal whatever it is you want to achieve um we have been given choices you know we’ve been given the ability to think and feel therefore we have choices to be able to um or we have a Minds to better make choices um and therefore we must do that as far as haters goes the more successful you are the more haters you’re going to have okay just just to put that clear to everybody right the more you put yourself out there the more chance there is of um people disliking you or or hating on you or whatever it is I get lots of people I put out posts to help as many people as I can I get lots of people like hating on me you know and I just I just delete and ban and block I just go like fine you know I’m not going to get into an argument with you and I certainly don’t want to I certainly don’t want to try and persuade you you know your journey is your journey but if you’re going to hate on positive messages I’m putting out then that’s fine no problem but uh you can get out to someone else right yeah it’s all about it’s all about vibration and if you’re not getting that same energy back from someone as you say just block them don’t even engage in their uh engage in the rhetoric uh good evening Lou good evening Ted uh Ted my friend from the states comes in with a very tongue-in-cheek comment a um address to me he says you just think you’re better than everyone else yeah if that if that’s if that’s true well well actually actually what’s what’s funny about that is that that might be something that you could have leveled at yourself maybe a couple of years ago uh if you remember it was everyone else was idiots and and why didn’t they understand you know certain messages that you were putting out there and you actually when I saw one particular angry Andy post one day our city right there so coming to this this free Zoom thing we’re doing called uh e-colors and and you came in and uh yeah yeah I don’t want to put words in your mouth you tell me how you felt about that after you after yeah it did it definitely changed my life it gave me a better perspective it made me understand uh different people’s uh ability to uh understand different situations and different circumstances and uh you know working with a wide array of people and the promotion game uh it is very difficult and I did used to find myself uh in some of my communications uh fully aware that I was I was talking to people like there were children at times but I felt if I didn’t do that I would also go over the heads of some people uh so there would be an even blend of people thinking why is he talking to me like I’m a six-year-old and yet other people saying to me I don’t understand what you mean where do I have to put the the temp ends you know so it’s very difficult to e-colors uh something we’ll talk on towards the end because it’s part of uh things that you do within the whole life remixed uh live package um good evening Angela uh Angela colossi uh someone are you more than familiar with uh good morning Emily as well I uh like to make this as interactive as possible and I did forget to say at the beginning of the conversation please feel free to ask any questions and uh when Mark and I finished talking I will address them to him so okay uh we have to stick to our bullet points because you and I could talk all evening uh so uh Point number one why do you have covered it already but let’s go over again why do we need to make reviews of the year that’s just gone uh well we absolutely love to to see where we’ve where we were and where we’ve got to uh one of the programs I run is a 90-day gold achievement program literally coming 90 days and let us coach you through that process to get to where you want to get to of course you could come in and say I want to make a million pound in 90 days you might struggle right so we need to look at that in more detail but actually uh Progressive in fact Earl Nightingale who was like Bob Proctor’s Mentor who was Bob being one of my main mentors Earl Nightingale said success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal think about that success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal your vocal booth Weekender is a worthy ideal it is the progressive realization of that as you continue to grow it and you came through covert and you’ve done everything else that you did that’s a worthy ideal that’s success however you measure success ultimately that is a successful piece of work that you you do annually life remixed is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal I think that’s the success that’s what we want to look for so we want to look back and say okay how far have we come and then we want to drive ourselves on if we’re not driving ourselves on for something health wealth happiness if we’re not driving to something we like the cork we’re like a cork on the ocean or a boat’s going out to sea with no Rudder you know you must have a direction you know if I was to try and get on a boat to come to Spain Andy I wouldn’t just go in and get in a boat and just Bob around on the ocean until I hopefully got there because I wouldn’t uh you know I want to make sure I’ve got a compass Rudder an engine uh and a direction and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks and I’ll be there you know that kind of thing okay well that’s that’s very very clean sorry you’re breaking up there are you on your Wi-Fi uh can I own mate because I’m on the laptop yeah because you keep you keep liking it on the other computer one sec let me log in okay you try that let me say good evening to Craig uh Craig widditch joins us good evening brother uh someone who’s more than familiar with their e-collars uh while Mark is uh just checking out that because that’s why I started to talk over your mark you were breaking up ever so slightly there and and getting jittery um Ted says Andy used to have a real defensive streak well that actually comes down as well to social media uh it’s very difficult to read the tone in replies sometimes and the last thing I am is defensive um but uh that’s a topic that we can discuss a little later on good evening Jane so Mark everything that you were just saying there about having um been the cork on the ocean I understand about that but isn’t that more about plans for the future how does that help us when looking back I think looking back I’m sorry I’m not going to be able to move to the desktop handy because don’t worry about it it’s open on that but we’ll we’ll do I think we’ll be okay um looking back is certainly uh an opportunity to review how far we’ve come I don’t recommend looking back with lots of emotion stuck to that I I actually think that we should be looking back uh and congratulating ourselves giving ourselves a little pat on the back uh and saying look you’ve done really well uh and they’re motivating yourself to move forwards okay so don’t over analyze your uh if it hasn’t particularly been a great year no and I would say that actually one of the big things I do with um coaching clients is we do a lot of subconscious clearance which is emotional clearance of the past now some people go to therapy for that uh and that is you know an amazing thing to do I had therapy 20 years ago you know having therapy helps clear the past and in coaching is very much about the present moment and moving forwards having said that coaching can also help people look back at the past to join the dots to bring us to the present moment and that’s why I only work with people for a minimum of 12 months because that it often takes that 12 months for people to join those dots to clear the subconscious to then be able to move forward uh and actually start to think about success okay makes sense makes com makes complete sense um so then that will bring us forward to um you already said why making plans benefits us and um because you are very much focused on helping people um get their minds in place and help them out financially give them a plan uh in life you always say that you you need to think big you need to set yourself impossible goals that is very difficult for some people to um perceive and uh I see you writing things there and I’ve obviously said something wrong there when I use the word impossible I know I did foreign [Laughter] I don’t let my coaching clients get away with the word impossible ever um what I do say and I like this from Bob is um set of gold it seems so big and so outrageous that when you get to it you’ll know it’s because of all the information that you’ve been taught you know through a coach um uh and I remember doing that with my first 100 Grand a year goal when I was bankrupt I said right I’m gonna earn 100 Grand a year I had no concept of how I was going to do it ever uh but Bob said to me just set the goal I said okay and I did it within three years I was smashing that out of the park um and I think that’s um you know nothing is impossible unless we decide it is right and that’s the whole thing you’ve just been on the board which we’ve been on Bob Proctor’s born rich book club that we’ve done together every chapter in that book is about you know visualization goal setting uh understanding yourself understanding other people understanding your strengths and your potential limiters which is what we do the colors and getting yourself to expand your mind so that you realize that actually anything is possible for you once you’ve decided to go for it in one of the um talks that we were on I think it was during that book club um I um uh a person with it within that was talking about different people have different outlooks they use different language and they will come to you with an argument say well I’m just a realist and uh you know you cannot set yourself goals that are too big and you you had very a very strong way a very strong comeback for that uh which I can’t pull from the back of my mind now but I know you’ll be able to nail it for me well all I would say straight off the bat with that one is when you’re on your rocking chair in like no 30 or 40 years time you you tell yourself you’re a realist that’s fine you crack on with that uh essentially we are human beings we’ve been given the opportunity to create a vision in our minds we’ve been given the opportunity to think and feel um and we are the creators we are the creators and the sooner we understand that message and we become responsible for even the stuff you don’t like but you can’t you become responsible for it and say yeah all right I created me I created an incurable disease I created bankruptcy not great things really but actually they turned me into this guy so actually I’m massively grateful for them but we’ve been given an opportunity and most people most people tiptoe through life hoping to get safely to death death and that when they’re staying when they’re saying this I’m a realist I’m a realist you know those people they need help they need help to expand their minds they need help to look at a bigger world view a bigger opportunity um I coach many people like that I also coach some really big picture people that want to be even more successful and touch more people’s lives in e-colors we would talk about someone who’s a top color green like Emma you know Emma my wife a top color green in any color she needs to know how everything and everything I’ve studied in all of this personal development you just don’t need to know how you just need to set a huge goal and then get to work it’s very it is very being that being one of those people I understand how very daunting it can be for people and I just want to try and get that across for some people that it may seem daunting but until you take that first step really because I’m at a very tongue-in-cheek comment to you didn’t I when uh I was saying oh mark this is all this is all poppycock it’s absolute nonsense who really believes this and yet you know I really do for reasons we’ll get into let me say hi to Chris Hunter let me share these words with you mark Chris says I wanted to say a big thank you to mark from being introduced to life remixed and hearing his words of wisdom I’ve got my head into gear I’m buying a new house and I’ve just got engaged to someone I adore being happy wealthy and healthy is the goal and a positive mental attitude is essential thank you Chris there I mean you must basketball you must bask in those wonderful words that you get from people and yet others on the outside you know like the the scene in trading places if the guy dressed up in The Battered Santa outfit looking through the restaurant window everyone having a great time that how it can’t that’s how it can seem to some people but it doesn’t need to be unattainable does it no absolutely not I mean you know that’s why I wrote Life remixed because at 39 I was bankrupt at 33 I couldn’t walk uh you know and um those were shattering moments in my life but once I put all the strategies that I’ve written in the book once I put all those strategies into position and I actually got moving on them you know I’ve had faith and belief you know one of the things you were saying there about um uh you know prompted a thought in my mind about Martin Luther King when he said you don’t need to see the whole staircase you just need to take the first step you’ve just got to take the first step and the first step is belief once you believe in you and that’s what a coach does by the way a coach believes in you and says Hey listen Andy you or anyone else Angela or anyone else who’s watching Chris I believe in you go for it you’ve got nothing to lose Go For It Go set your goal set a goal that seems so big that’s going to blow your mind when you get there it happens to me I might come back from from the this season of bankruptcy it’ll happen to anyone else it is literally down to you um and many people have to get out of there many people have to get out of their own way Andy which you know which you know about indeed and all of my friends uh will be fully aware of my um journey to uh bring more people into my own subscription program um I remember thinking wow if I can just get to 30 people to join me surely I should be able to get 30 people to join me out of all of my friends and all the people who come vocal booth and it was tough getting to 30 then I pushed it on and then I was like I’m happy now and you said to me nandy you’ve got something great there that you can offer people get out of your own way have some Faith In Yourself um just keep doing what you’re doing and you did if it wasn’t for you and I’ve said it before on your platform and I’m happy to say it again here if it wasn’t for you I would not have continued to do what I do the way that I do it I would not have forced myself into situations that made me feel uncomfortable here I am you know towards the end of the hour I’ve hit my hundreds uh subscribers that I wanted literally today I’ve just got my 1 000 subscribers on YouTube which was the goal that I really wanted to do and um thank you to everyone that’s uh joined me on that and so yeah I wanted to just say to people that it can be done you do truly just have to believe as crazy as it may sound as poppycock as it may sound but it doesn’t always have to be financial goals does it that’s what I want to try and get across as well it doesn’t have to be financially motivated no and and you know some people have a bad thing about money or a bad Vibe about good or bad money just makes you more of what you already are you know if you’re a good person and you get a lot of money you can be a great person um you know if you’re not the greatest person and you get a lot of money you can be a tremendously awful person at the end of the day money is money is not an emotion you know the emotion is the human being what I would like to say as well is the fact that uh what did I say once you’d hit your 100 um uh people in the subscription for the uh you know access access exactly thank you you’ve only been a member yourself for six months don’t worry about it it’s paying the money and I just watch you do it and I’m like go Andy yeah the money every month not fast I don’t care it’s like it’s nothing it’s just money you know um one of my friends said to me once it’s only money we can get some more and we can’t you know I mean I’ve proven it in dramatic scale but you know I said to you when you got to 100 I said right get a thousand now now of course you’re probably sitting there going like oh but the point is is that you’ve gotta you’ve got to set a goal you’ve got to set a goal yeah and but it does that perfectly brings me on to the point that it does have to be um something that you again it it’s it’s about language and it’s a very it is a between a very fine line if somebody isn’t ready if somebody isn’t in that situation where they can set a goal that is so crazy that they you know they can’t even think about getting this far every like you say you know don’t look at the staircase just take the step in front of you um my wife is here commenting I’ll let you talk so much she says I find that other people have more confidence in what I do talking about herself than I do in myself I wish I had as much confidence in myself as as others do in me sometimes now that’s crazy to read because I know how amazing she is it’s it’s uh crazy right well well you know Michelle is an awesome uh partner for you and I love was it 31 years or something I saw the other day uh you know this fantastic uh fantastic marriage and fantastic partnership you two yes um it’s very often easier for other people to Believe in Us than it is for us to believe in ourselves but actually I have to tell you that that’s limiting Behavior it’s a limiting belief ultimately uh I know how good I am uh I never would I never would have said that previously you know 12 years ago everyone never would have said that but I know how good I am I know I’m really good at what I do I see the results now and the more and more and more I see the results the more and more confident I’ve become I want to be very very clear about this it’s not ego ego ego aren’t I amazing it’s not I’m not wearing a mask about how great I am I’m just very confident in the fact that I’ve learned this stuff I’ve tested it out for myself it works I’ve written a book about it which also works and then I’ve got now I’m getting up to nearly like 80 coaching clients around the world I’ve just had a new coaching client sign up for South Africa from South Africa and I’m I’m doing the first session with him in the morning we’ve got coaching clients in Australia and Japan and all over Europe and the UK and um it’s fantastic it’s absolutely fantastic well I would add to that as well is that when the student is ready the teacher will be there so your point about being outside looking in or whatever you know people aren’t ready for the information and they’re not ready to accept the fact that actually um success starts within they’re not ready for that then they’ll reject me and they’ll reject the information and that might be what prompts some of those haters we started out with when we were talking about them that’s okay they’ve got they’ve got their journey and I wish them all all the best for it you know if I can help and someone would like my help I’m 100 I’m on board I’m here to help okay so you saying um this about limiting behavior that will bring us on to we’re skipping about all these points but we’re covering them perfectly um you have to start with yourself right uh the journey starts within I’m sure there are a million quotes that you could uh you could give me on on that I understand being currently on a very huge um part of my self-discovery journey um that’s you know started a few years ago and he’s ongoing um Learning To Love Yourself is the first step and then when that happens it’s amazing how you have the strength to let go of the nonsense in your life you have the wisdom to welcome in uh you know other opportunities and as you say if you present if you make yourself ready to see the opportunities they do present themselves a lot more don’t they well yeah uh uh 100 I mean I’ve shared a quote earlier which you said would be a good one for us to say tonight so I’ll mention it uh it’s a Dalai Lama quote um who obviously has found a lot of Peace in his life despite you know huge suffering you know losing his country uh Etc um Dalai Lama said we can the Dalai lava we can never obtain peace in the outer World until we make peace with ourselves um and then I would add on to that just after the Dalai alarm comes to Mark Wilkinson [Laughter] we could never obtain success uh in the outer World until we become successful with it so once we believe in ourselves Michelle once we fully believe in ourselves the outer world will get even better and better and better and this is a journey I’m 52. I plan to be here for another 50 years fingers crossed right so in that next 50 years I would like to become more and more successful but it starts with me looking in the mirror and understanding that what you were saying Andy about loving myself is the start point of everything and if I asked you what love is what would what would be your answer um for me getting very deep I think loving myself is uh accepting uh errors in the past that I believe I’ve made I’ve lost people close to me that um brought up feelings of guilt that I couldn’t really change it enabled me to um not make mistakes make the same mistakes that I have made in the past and always one of the biggest things for me is always talking to people um it sounds a bit morbid I wrote words like this in the vocal booth program always treating people as if it’s their last time I could possibly ever talk to them and um that stops me from having arguments with people it stops me from uh biting at people where I would have done in the past possibly and I’m truly truly in a you know in a very calm place not all the time I’m still a work in progress but uh you know I’m I’m so much better than I used to be and I’m so much uh happy with the person that I am becoming you know that’s the journey isn’t it that’s the healthy person on a journey to you know continuous Improvement and keep it moving forward so that is it but the word you said it’s right at the start when I asked you what love is you said it it’s acceptance It’s actually total acceptance that we can get to a place of true love which is total acceptance and we can look in the mirror and talk to ourselves in a in a version of absolute title acceptance of hey this is me this is my face these are my glasses is my hair this is who I am this is it you know totally accepts myself you’ve mentioned the word earlier about vibration total acceptance of self so some people will be thinking oh my God he’s peace and love you know crazy hippie but actually total acceptance of self is the most positive vibration you could possibly be in once you’ve got it and it takes time takes some people a long time you know some some people say it’s a lifetime a coach will get you there quicker by the way certainly works for me but total acceptance of yourself then leads you to a position where you can then radiate that out to other people and you then become a Shining Light of love and as you say you no longer lose your reg with people you keep calm in situations watch once you’ve got once you’ve got that vibration you are then in a position where you can then be truly successful you can have all the happiness all the health all the wealth all the money everything else that you want you can have it but it starts where we’re just talking about there and it starts where you know you’re starting on that journey of pure acceptance of yourself from me I can see from the outside looking in that’s why I’m in your ear from time to time going come on come on you know a little bit more please come on you can do it because I’m your mate and I’m like you’ve got this you know you know what to do um you just need a coach behind you go come on mate yeah I get that I get that uh Siobhan joins us she says love this thank you nice to have you with Siobhan thanks for passing me through um yeah so success uh is many things to many different people isn’t it and let’s bring this back around to the topic of the conversation fail to plan plan to fail so um how do people begin making plans what what’s the first thing that they need to do well um there’s two there’s two different ways around of doing it I mean one of the things I’m going to change rather than uh be a life and business coach next year Emma and I have decided to change that slightly and just call me a success coach because I am about success in relationships I’m about success in yourself I’m about success at work or in entrepreneurial or whatever it is I’m all about success for people listening you’ve got two different way around ways around of doing it one is start to set some goals and give yourself 90 days to start setting some goals um 90 days is three months and you could you might say right I want to shed a bit away or want to build a bit of muscle or I’d like a spare ten thousand pounds in my bank account I’d like whatever it is you just decide that right I’m gonna do these things and I’m going to take some steps towards I’m going to set the goal I’m going to feel good about the goal and then I’m going to take action steps even if there’s small action steps every day I’m going to take action steps towards it so that I achieve what it is that I would like to achieve in those 90 days so that’s one way round um what tends to happen when people do that excuse me it might be like New Year’s resolutions as I mentioned earlier sometimes they tend not to stick because people say oh I’d really like that you know uh if they if they’re wishing for something a wish is basically something that hasn’t got a date on it hasn’t got a definite plan to get there so a goal is is a is a wish with a plan essentially so we need to get where we need to get to we need to set a goal so right 90 days time I would like XYZ now I can pretty much guarantee you that if someone is in line with their thoughts their feelings and their actions which is attitude thoughts feelings and actions is attitude someone’s on point with their attitude they’ve got a purpose which is a much bigger subject which often takes longer to understand what a human being’s purpose for being on the planet is but if they can get to a purpose they can hold a vision of what it is they would like to achieve and then they set those goals over the 90 days and they keep doing every 90 days they set some new ones and some new ones and some new ones I guarantee you but by this time next year when we do this interview again in 12 months time if you follow these instructions you can do it either way around you can either just set the goals and keep chipping away at it but where most people come unstuck because they haven’t done the purpose and the vision first however you can do it that way however what I do work with people is I work with people to find out that purpose Define it have a vision hold the vision in the mind when the vision is in the mind you set the goals in line with those purpose and vision and then you get to where you want to get to much much quicker and also Usain Bolt had a coach right I mean every president of the United States has got a coach everyone’s got a coach to bounce something around get a new idea and get to work and that’s why I see people every two weeks in what I do you can do it any way around you want to do it you know you can go and buy books on these subjects read the books and then get to work yourself you know I encourage every single person to have some sort of plan and then put it up on the wall excuse me my walls are surrounded with my next book cover uh million pound notes my next live event you know I’ve got stuff everywhere I’ve got stuff everywhere because when I see it it triggers my vision it’s literally literally on my vision so I can look around and go yeah okay there’s the vision that’s what I’m working towards and then we keep going um every single person has this ability but it’s a bit like going to the mental gym you have to go to the gym right Andy you go to the gym right if you want to get that muscle you’ve got to keep going to the gym if you don’t go the muscle goes away the mind is that’s a that’s a brilliant analogy to to bring in here because I wanted to talk about and it’s a a topic I’m going to do at length when I found um uh the the right person you would be the right person but I’m looking for another person the content that we consume on a daily basis it’s poisoned in our minds right the means that we read the jokes the sarcastic nature of the way that people are constantly communicating um it you do need to consciously think about the content that you’re consuming and I’ve made a an off the cuff post a couple of weeks ago saying you know we literally you hear the meme that the cliche you are what you eat um that also relates to to the content the books that we read the podcast that we listen to the films that we watch bring more positive into your life right that’s gotta be a good starting point well absolutely one of the things that uh Bob Proctor said to me many many years ago now um he said um go on a negativity fast Mark and I was like what are you talking about creativity fast he went well what do you think it was like just clear away all the negatives in your life switch off the news if someone’s having a conversation um and it’s very negative and they’re complaining or bitching or moaning or super Superstition or they’re sarcastic or they’re gossiping or anything like that give it a couple of minutes and then Brian change the subjects or try and help you know the conversation flow to a more positive place and if it can’t it doesn’t work and they want to stay doing that excuse yourself and walk away Mark and I was kind of like whoa really okay um but I did it and I did it for 30 days uh and I’ve never looked back I I’m like yeah okay and what’s interesting Andy about that if I’m honest is that I went through that process I went on that negativity fast and I kept with it and kept with it and kept with it what’s happened over a period of time is now I can switch on the news I have a quick look at a news app and see what’s going on because they need to be informed of course I do I’m advising people about all kinds of things in life but I’m no longer emotionally caught up in it and that’s the power of this once you’re no longer emotionally caught up in the media or someone else’s gossip or someone else’s it I am resilient enough now that I’m no longer emotionally caught up in any of it all I’m caught up in emotionally is my success and total acceptance and love and therefore I can radiate that out to other people and they can succeed wherever they want one of the things that I I know for a fact that I’m going to come to in a moment let me just say hello to Katrina and Celesta Lester please make sure you go back and watch the beginning of this video I made some uh comments with you in the back of my mind actually you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about uh Emily also uh if you didn’t see the beginning of the video make sure you go back and check it out Katrina says I love that why don’t I why I don’t watch the news anymore it’s a great idea what I was going to say to you Mark is you radiating that positivity I guarantee there’s not many people if anybody that would come to you to complain about anything or [ __ ] about somebody and yet there are little Echo Chambers out there it’s a word I keep hearing a lot of echo chambers of of people they’ll just complain about their friends they complain about situations they’re in and it’s just like dragging you down dragging and so once you have that attitude uh I I have a very good friend on Facebook who is um feeling a little well I don’t know what he’s feeling but I wanted to comment on some of his posts as you had to me in the past and I stopped myself and I stopped myself on it but it was just negative post after negative post and is an extremely positive person and in the end I couldn’t stop myself anymore I just messaged him and I said listen can we have some positivity from you please he’s like no what are you talking about I’m I’m uh I’m not negative I’m not negative and we had a little conversation I said these all coming from a place I love my friend you know can’t consciously think about what you’re what you’re posting on socials and what you’re consuming has got to be it’s got to be the easiest way to begin you’ll a journey into 2023 absolutely 100 now there’s a great book called The Power of Now by a guy called Eckhart Tolle and I don’t recommend it as a first book because it’s very very very deep I often recommend people start with the secret for instance um because that was a fantastic film and helped millions and millions of people around the world but the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle in that book he says uh complaining is actually Madness uh what he says about a situation if you’re in a situation and you’re not happy about it you either got to accept it you’ve got to leave it or you’ve got to change it now you accept it by saying total acceptance okay it is what it is you leave it and say I’m no longer vibrating with that so I need to move on or you change it now you don’t change anybody else the only person who changes you so as soon as you stop you made a very valid point that as soon as you stop complaining guess what I live in I live in this vibration of like absolute love and positivity apart from a few haters here and there on some Facebook posts no one comes to me to complain about everything because all I read out is positive energy all the negative people they leave me alone now they probably think I’m a bit Bonkers I’m all right with that it’s fine right because at the end of the day I’m nice and positive I’m in a positive vibration everyone’s in a good place Emma Frankie all the coaching clients all my friends everyone’s growing the book is touching thousands of lives he’s doing a great thing I’m happy with myself don’t why would anyone come to me to complain indeed indeed I I I’d like to think I’m on the same same plane as you from that aspect um silly little things you know I’m not in any WhatsApp groups with any of my friends any of the lads you know the none of the banter that goes on and and stuff like that it’s just it’s it’s as you say sometimes you can seem a little aloof you can sound like you’re above it all but it just doesn’t it it doesn’t excite me doesn’t inspire me and I’m all about inspiring positivity but for Andy you no longer vibrate in harmony with that I don’t think I ever have those really I don’t think I ever have okay but I I know that I used to vibrate in harmony with you know sex drugs and house music right nowadays uh you know I vibrate in harmony with positive thinking positive feeling uh and bringing joy to people I used to bring to Joy to people through music uh but it had it contained a lot of negativity for me at the time which I’ve written about in life remixed all I’m interested in now from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep is how I can bring joy to someone else that’s it okay so I think we have um given people the overall Outlook as to what you know the the easy things that they can do go on a negativity fast to begin with think about what they’re consuming um asking for Christmas gifts positive Christmas gifts good um podcasts I mean there’s so much incredible content out there it’s insane um but you talk about wanting to help um and change people’s lives which you have done with the book so life remixed this is our opportunity to give it a plug in case there’s any people who aren’t aware of it it is uh I’ll be the first to say it is a great book it’s something that we can all relate to because it it does start off in the club scene uh as Mark says there’s a lot of talk of sex drugs and house music so uh you know it’s a bestseller for a reason um five minutes you’ve got five minutes to sell your book come on uh well I mean first of all I do Hard Sell right at the end of the day if if you’re in a place where you’re just not really feeling great about life you know if there’s just something missing you might be unhappy unhealthy uh you might be skinned um or you might just be like I’m doing all right but I I’ve got a couple of coaching clients that are borderline if not already millionaires but they’re coming to me because they’ve achieved the goal and they feel empty that is fascinating to me because many people set gold off the goal after goal and keep achieving those goals but when they get to the goal they go is this it right and that’s difficult so life remixed is about understanding yourself uh what I do in the book is I literally studied all of these philosophers and all of these authors and very very successful people and all I’ve done is drawn a thread all the way through it so you know I have to say to people don’t take my word for anything try it out for yourself because I’ve heard many you know Robert Kiyosaki Kevin green Bob props or Tony Robbins all these people saying to me don’t take my word for it Mark try it out for yourself and I’ve done it and it works and I’m like right okay then and all I’ve done is literally just joined all the dots all the way through to prove to people that you know I am living proof that you can be bankrupt you can be deceased you can’t be do so I’ll say suicidal borderline suicidal I don’t think I ever would have done it but certainly uh you know I was that low at times um you can be all of those things you can be lonely you can be without a relationship you could be right on your ass signing on living in your mum’s spare room you know and you can still bounce back you can remix your own life and you can bounce back provide it you follow the steps that I’ve said in this book and you action them for yourself let me ask you beautiful question here uh and I’m glad it’s come from someone else just so it gives me a good um a good reference point because this is the things that I say to you a lot uh my friend Katrina says uh I’m gonna have to get this gonna have to get myself this for Christmas and then she comes back and says but it’s not all about money though is he see because not everybody is in not everybody is excited about money and I will say no it isn’t I will say this book definitely is worth a read the same as the book that started me on this journey and I’m definitely not about money Think and Grow Rich I’ve been reading that book for 30 years now um and every time I read that book something amazing happens to me um the title itself can put a lot of people off but it’s just about changing your mindset it’s about changing uh loving your body making changes to your body getting into a better state of mind um and that’s the same as I mean you also a big fan of Think and Grow Rich you did the Think and Grow Rich book club so you are following in the footsteps of all of these greats right well thank you yeah absolutely yeah um no life remix is not all about money uh life remixed is about having a very healthy relationship with yourself and then deciding what you would like having been bankrupt I know signing on the doll 12 years ago I know that that absolutely sucks and I don’t I don’t ever want to be there again um but what I would say is life is meant to be abundant you are meant to have whatever it is you would like to have you don’t have to be motivated by money many people think that money’s the root of all evil right it absolutely isn’t it’s the peace it’s the person it’s the people that actually bastardize the money money is just a bit of paper with some numbers on it you know and if you want to fly a business class or you want to go on nice holidays or whatever then you better make sure you’ve got money the way you get money is to add value to other people’s lives and give a great service nothing bad about that whatsoever nothing at all so ultimately you guys get to decide whatever it is you would like in your life but life remixed is the guide that I have written to show others that actually personal development does work once you’re committed to it because there’ll be a lot of people like you said earlier Andy outside the window looking in Guyana this is all bollocks doesn’t work you know blah blah blah blah um and to be fair even when I was completely down on materially with nothing um Bob Proctor was saying all this stuff and I was kind of like really sure but you know what I can just think myself and I can just Think and Grow Rich can I I just change the way I think and I’ll get you know I’ll build up all my money again and love myself and be happy and healthy and attract a partner oh really I just changed how I think do I um and and part of me was like that and I’ve written that in the book as well I’m kind of like I’m a bit skeptical here but skepticism is actually fear okay skepticism is fear like impatience is also fear you know there’s all the time you need you’ve got all the love you need you’ve got all the money you need but it starts within you forget about what’s going on outside of you as best as you can while you do the inner work and once you’ve done the inner work you can literally attract whatever it is you would like and I know this from experience and I know all my clients know this from experience and it’s wonderful for me to see people change and even people that aren’t one-to-one coaching with me people that are just on the outskirts and you and me having a chat Andy and Chris and other people just testing things out and trying them out for themselves like you said earlier it’s music to my ears when people come back to me and just say hey Mark listen I tried that and it works and I’m like great I’m like right try something bigger because we always you and I uh are always having the conversation because you you know very much how um sort of guarded I am towards money and you and you know there’s a lot of baggage in my history that’s that there’s a wall there and I know you’d love to get inside my head and know you’d love to work with me and slowly but surely uh you know the the the the the uh the resistance is breaking down in me so you know my 2023 is like yeah okay let’s let’s and I’m always coming back to you with different angles what Mark what about at least what about that could um Angela says to Katrina Angela is a very good friend of Katrina’s she says um it’s really good the book and it was sent to me at exactly the right time so that’s the whole point of why I do these talks I want to bring in everyday people who are super in their own right of course that we can all relate to not some expert off the TV who you know seems completely out of reach and out of touch really of with reality I know you don’t like that work but it it these things are attainable they are achievable and if but they just need the right step in the right place and it all begins within right and you have to have your family if you’re going to build a house you’ve got to do the foundations solids first right well you know I you know unless we were born to like Buddhist millionaire you know successful people that were totally in love with themselves and each other and you know I mean none of us were really born that way to parents like that right but the point so the point is then we have a journey to go on ourselves and that journey to go on ourselves is a journey of getting the foundation the solid foundations in place and then being able to build from there my solid foundation started at 39 years of age as a bankrupt that’s when I started to build solid foundations before that I was the cork on the ocean just bouncing around life happening you know happening to me all of the time what I realized was after the this season of bankruptcy was life was happening for me it was happening for me to understand this information and then become as successful as all the people I was reading about and I was like okay now I’m all in let’s go and ever since the last 12 just over 12 years now I mean I’ve turned my annual income uh back then into a monthly income now that’s not a mistake that’s not an accident no way wonderful well Angela say she’s 58 as you know she’s just laid the last brick of her foundation uh Emily watching she says um that’s what stops me after I go for it it is fear um all of these things so um we have the book Amazon bestseller do you still sell them direct or is it better for people to go on to Amazon no no absolutely if you just go Mark we can send out copies send out sign copies as well if people want them um as I say it’s that it’s reached a good few thousand people now um you know you’ve read it Angela’s read it you know people are reading it and whether or not they come into coaching is entirely up to them you know as long as they read it and then the reading list at the back of the book then leads on to other things so immediately what comes to my mind then is you shared something about it Grant Nelson came on and I I know I’ve gone but I never really met him before uh fantastic producer amazing dude um he read it put a post out about it it shot back up the amazon charts um and uh I’ve met Grant at the Bobby and Steve um Foundation event uh back at uh 933 East uh you know back a few months ago and Grant and I were just bonding and chatting but he was going that reading list at the back he goes I’ve read your book he went I’m a massive fan of you Mark I love it I love what you’ve done I’m like thank you thank you thank you he’s like and that reading list he goes I’m off on as a man thinketh and think reaching the secret no it’s not like go grab you know yeah because every every successful person has written their success down in a book to share it with you so why would you Bob Bob used to say to me I I left school and probably read one or two books as a DJ that was it um and then I started reading and Bob said he basically said a person who doesn’t read who chooses not to read has no over no opportunity over someone that doesn’t that can’t read I should say so the bottom line is there’s no excuses about this audio books there’s everything if you don’t want to pick up a book and read either physical but listen to book but as you say make the right choices listen to people that inspire you and take on board their messages and go for it yourself because when you’re on your rocking chair I want you to be sitting there going whoa that was amazing and in Think and Grow Rich As you well know Andy there’s stories of people who are bankrupt at 60 and millionaires by the time they were 70. It’s a Wonderful pot Paulette uh is watching She’s Like the stream on our other channel so there’s an array of channels that people are watching this so thank you everyone for the uh for the participation uh guarantee uh this this will have had a profound effect on someone if not immediately then in the next couple of days and um so let’s throw forward to 2023 one of your um big goals that you um had during lockdown was to uh overcome your fear of public speaking fear maybe is not the right word but then uh you actually did it got to the Isha theater and you put this idea along with your wife the idea of Life remixed live tell us about that because as I’m sure you’re aware time is cracking on yeah no absolutely absolutely and I’m not I’m not in a major rush and as you know I do have a coaching client later but that’s fine what I would say about life remix live was yes you’re right the fear is the right word I had a fear of public speaking which when people heard that they were always like what no you’re a DJ DJ in front of thousands of people yeah yeah I was like yeah but I know I’m good at that put a microphone on me I’m not sure I’m good at that um again that’s belief isn’t it but I chose to believe that actually I could be a great public speaker if I just got out of my own way stop thinking about myself and thought about the people that I was there to serve um and I got out of my own way and I stood up and I spoke for about seven hours at the first one um and we’ve done three now we’ve done three in 2022 it’s a huge goal for me uh we’ve had about 120 150 people at each one it’s been a huge goal for me uh to put on an event and speak like that and share and then put on an after party in the evening we’ve had CJ McIntosh and Danny Renton and Bobby of course uh you know and and it’s wonderful it’s absolutely wonderful to put on these events um Emma and I have got big plans for 2023 we’re gonna do one more life remix live at the Easter theater on the 28th of January so Saturday as you say that I can bring it up onto the screen it’s partly blocking your face but uh life remix 2023 other way other way set your goals and plan for an incredible year and this is the cost of living crisis special rates so tell us about that so basically I just decided to make it as cheap as possible in an Ideal World I’d just make it free right I just say look it’s completely free come in fill your boots uh but there’s probably about three or four Grands worth of expenses uh so much as I’d love to front that for everybody at the end of the day I’m asking everyone to buy a ticket for 20 quid for the day and the night uh come along uh you know enjoy uh we’re gonna talk about money we’re going to talk about money we’re going to talk about success whatever success means you know one of the things I get is a lot of people come to me and they’d like to succeed financially but their Foundation isn’t right with their relationship with themselves and their relationship of their significant other um and those are things that can be fixed they can be fixed through coaching and moving forwards with with good information um and my next book is going to be all about relationships in fact um and we are going to look at success we’re going to look at how to succeed in all areas of your life um I’ve made it 20 quid as I say for the day and night it’s plus the booking fee uh and CJ McIntosh is going to detail in the evening it was just my absolute DJ Hero so we’re gonna have a wonderful uh event on the 28th of January that’s our last one uh and then from there we’re going to be doing uh weekends uh so we’re going to be doing um Retreats Emma wants to do a retreat weekend probably in the summer so we’ll do a retreat weekend somewhere in the UK um and then Andy I’ll be coming to you and we’re doing something in Spain I’m sure we’ve spoken about it it’s going to happen you’ve got to keep the vision right um but the point is is that 28th 28th of January is very very much about look yes there’s the media want to pump you full of fear how many crises have we had if you go to the media how many crises have we had in the last 12 months covid uh the Ukraine War uh uh what else was there uh obviously all the all the political stuff um various different crises you know a monkey monkey flu or monkey pox or whatever it was there’s another one you know there’s always a crisis there’s always something to be afraid of and the media pump you full of that in order that you are controlled yeah because if you’re controlled you’ll be a good little employee and you’ll pay your taxes and you’ll be nice and you’ll just get through life and you’ll tiptoe through life to get safely to death the point of this is is that you don’t have to have fear you just have to have faith in yourself one of the Great American leaders um it might have been Theodore Roosevelt I can’t remember said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself and yet the media are just pumping Us full of this stuff there is the cost of living crisis look you just gotta understand how to earn more cash and do better with yourself and your life and I teach people how to do it I love doing it because I’ve done it myself I hear that so if anybody has any questions that have been uh listening and watching them please do feel free uh as Mark and I start wrapping up our I’ll address them to him um so that that’s going to be at the end of January so people can get that they’re going to come away from it and they’re you’re not going to have them strong arms up a corner trying to get them to become uh coaching clients with you right no no no no no no no no no I honestly no I’ve seen people do Hard Sell and it turns me off I don’t like it at all what’s the point in that you know I don’t want to Hard Sell someone what I do want is I want to help every human being live a better life and if they want to live a better life there are certain steps they need to take to be able to get there um you know people some people look thousands of people who bought a book right and it costs a tenor on Amazon or a bit more if you want my signed copy whatever on my mark Wilkinson official website um thousands of people bought a book and if they just buy the book and it gets them to do something else and gets moving I’m really happy fantastic if they decide to pay 20 quid and come to our event for the day and they just do the event for the day and they love it and they’re like wow this is amazing it’s changed my mindset I’ve got new ways of thinking and feeling I’m going to go out and action it and I’m going to read more books and go to more seminars I’m going to study with more people magic brilliant if they want to use my time and they want a one-to-one coach then reach out you know reach out and we’ll discuss it and we’ll find the solution that’s it I absolutely I’m not interested in hard selling anyone you know the bottom line is is that for me as I say I’ve seen people do that and I don’t like it um all I want is people to and you know you know this is a DJ part of my purpose is to bring joy to other people we did it with music now we can do it with these kind of talks you know there’s lots of ways to bring joy to people um and you know bringing joy to someone is not hard selling them for a few thousand pounds worth of coaching where they get totally freaked out and don’t get the result that they want the real thing is every single one of my clients once we’ve done the coaching they go out there and they go that was amazing that’s changed my outlook it’s changed my results it’s changed my success and it’s all for the better that’s the real key to this and that’s why I’m passionate about what I’m doing well I share your passion I share your enthusiasm I have um a handful of people that I’ve I know personally I’ve directed to you and they’ve gotten so much from you uh irrespective is that the right word of being a coaching client just from the the positive energy that you do that you emit um and just you know it’s that part of that stepping stone that those positivity blocks building up inside I just don’t think you can get enough of it uh every day you know I’m full of cliches um Every Day’s A you know a learning day and then we were saying that I asked you a question the other day something about um do you use the word excited mark because I was excited about something I’m going to Iceland in a couple of days and I said is excited a good word to use and you said no we don’t say excited we I’m full of full of enthusiasm you know so it’s um you know there’s a big difference there’s a big so yeah there’s a big difference Andy right if you get excited I’ll show you the same person who gets depressed excited depressed excited depressed excited depressed it’s like a roller coaster life’s uh you know and it gets Bonkers and it can be hugely you know degrading you know degradation into your life if you’re depressed and you’re sad the depression is actually anger turned inwards by the way if you turn that anger back in on yourself you get depressed you feel down and then the next minute you’re all excited because something might happen or something’s going to happen that’s not the worst no way to live I used to live that way by the way but it’s no way to live the way to live is enthusiasm in Theos Enfield is actually in God believe it or not and it means God within or a person with god-like energy so they called people in Theos when they add that’s where the word enthusiasm comes from in Theos when they had this just a bounce you know positive energy of like you know in Theos in a good place and yes of course that can attract others it’s okay everyone’s got their own Journey but the police don’t get excited because you will end up depressed at certain times just be enthusiastic all the time uh Katrina has a question I’m going to come to before this goes out of my mind uh in the book club you were talking about you know you’re always enthusiastic and I am always enthusiastic I go to the gym every morning and people say to me good morning how are you and I say fantastic always and and they literally look at me through the corner of their eye and and they go always and I say yeah always and and it’s funny it’s funny to see you know so Katrina asked um she has what if you have more than one goal and they’re both pretty big do you focus on one at a time or go for it uh in different areas of life I mean she adds so um the word I use when someone asks me you know how are you Mark I always say wonderful because for me wonderful means full of wonder if you turn it around and I’m I’m wonderful I’m full of wonder what will happen in this conversation what will happen in my next coaching call what will happen when I see Emma in a bit and Frankie well you know full of wonder to answer Katrina’s question um one of the things I decided when I was bankrupt and skint one of the things I decided was I’m going to have multiple sources of income I didn’t know how as a top color green any colors or even Andy was as he’s a red green as a second color they want to know how these people many how how does that work how does that I need to analyze it I need to know the detail of it honestly you don’t need to know how I just decided I was going to have multiple sources of income because I put all my eggs in the music basket and when that went downhill completely when I was 38 39 after the disease I had no money I was bankrupt I signed on right I was like that’s not good enough for me and Bob taught me Bob Proctor taught me multiple sources of income um and for years I was really like what do you mean yeah I mean I’m just having to work for money where’s multiple sources of income coming from but like anything in life that comes a Tipping Point and the more we go forward the more we get to that Tipping Point all of a sudden now I’ve got multiple sources of income and it’s easy it took quite a lot of hard work to get there and I’m happy to talk to you on a one-to-one if you want to book a 30-minute Discovery call with me we call it but just you want to book a discovery call just have a 30 minute chat I’m more than happy anyone watching anyone wants to chat for 30 minutes about their situation and what they would like to get out of 2023 for instance um reach out and book a 30-minute chat with me get in my diary you know I work from 6am to 10 p.m right I love what I do um so let’s just let’s just clarify that is a completely free 30-minute call you do with all of your heart listen to what someone has to say you do offer them suggestions uh and then occasionally something will click and someone will say actually Mark you know you’ve touched on you’ve touched on something there but there is no hard sell at the end of it it’s you are more than happy to dedicate 30 minutes of your time to give them some some pointers if you’ve watched The Secret the secret says back from 2006 I urge you all if you haven’t watched it I think it’s on Amazon Prime now not Netflix um but if you watch the secret it says give first and you shall receive I give 30 minutes to any person who wants to talk to me and understand anything about what I do and how I’ve done it and after reading my book Etc no pressure whatsoever if people want to know the prices are telling the prices if they want to go on Mark go on there and check out the prices come and talk to me if you can’t afford it honestly no you should ban those words from your language right the real key to this is to say how can I afford it um but ultimately never A Hard Sell Andy look the bottom line is is that if someone’s struggling um you know I want to give them 30 minutes of my time so it can change their lives that’s why we give free tickets away to people that are are literally can’t afford you know a ticket for the free events that’s why we’ve brought this price right now because people are struggling with their bills and their food and their heating 20 quid yeah just come along change your name you’re not putting on this concept because concert you’re not putting on this live event because you need the money that’s trying to quit off people you generally you genuinely do feel it deep down inside and I you know I totally agree with you there Emily says uh for her it’s getting rid of the unnecessary noise that has been distracting me way too much I’ve cared about things which have been dragging me down for far too long this all comes back down to fixing yourself first right fixing that’s the wrong word fixing’s the wrong word e colors I I you know get on board with the E colors know yourself it’s amazing well what we do with the e-colors literally when people come to me for coaching we literally ask them to do their e-colors report as the very first theme they get a premium report once they pay obviously for the coaching they get a premium report and then we dissect the premium report we understand how and why the way the way they think uh why they’re getting the results we ask them about themselves we ask about what they would like to do when they would like to do it by uh and e-color self-awareness is massively massively powerful uh that’s why we use it it’s changed my life certainly over the last 10 15 years uh Emma absolutely loves it and Emma’s a coach with me as well around e-colors we go out and coach in the corporate world review colors um it’s literally a life-changing moment it’s like the first step in self-development um I highly recommend that um and then of course yeah understanding how your mind works understanding your thoughts and feelings and how they work how you can program how you think and how you feel is very very important and there’s one thing I want to just touch on as well Andy of course this is this uh no alcohol challenge which I’m supporting you on 100 and and your group uh through January into into April I think it isn’t it that’s right that’s another thing about now that’s another thing about self-love and putting a solid foundation in place once you stop poisoning yourself I’m sorry to have to say but once you stop poisoning yourself with with alcohol or anything else you actually get to know you you’ve got more of a chance of loving you which is the key I know there’s a lot of people that oh you’ve gone too far now he’s taking his beer away from me he was doing okay until he started mentioning about not drinking uh Jimmy uh well just particularly mate just because that’s a voluntary challenge that you’ve put it is Jimmy is watching on YouTube he says nice one Jensen gives a thumbs up thank you Jimmy and thank you to anyone else who is watching who hasn’t commented um so much you know we really could sit and chat all evening Mark but um I know you talk all day long and I’m conscious of us uh just pulling things from everywhere because there’s so many you know I’ll even start talking to you about my um or the the audio book that I’m reading you know that talks us about triggers and the trauma and things that we’ve that have affected us as kids you know there’s so much that in and along the self-development lines that people can get into right right mate booking for a 30 minute call me let’s have a chat about it there you go so it’s a book it’s a book with this call Mark and there is there a booking Forum on there uh you literally just click through and on the coach page you can book a free 30-minute session with me it goes into a system called Acuity It Books Direct into my diary you get 30 minutes you get a zoom link uh and we sit here exactly like this and I I largely listen a lot of the time which was something I was not the best at when I was younger but I listen and I listen to what people would really like to achieve or what the problem is and then we can start to you know offer some advice and I can certainly signpost people to the right place you know if people currently don’t have money to invest in themselves uh then there are free or much you know cheaper Services than coaching um but one of the things I said to you on the phone the other day is that very often when people are um not willing to invest in themselves uh it seems quite a powerful message out to the universe ultimately most people spend more money on their car their holiday uh or any other you know crazy stuff that they order off Amazon they spend more money doing that than they will actually investing in themselves and what I learned was very quickly when as a bankrupt I started to invest in myself with any money I possibly had um and the more I did it the more exams I got the more qualifications I got uh the more um articulate I got the more understanding of the universal laws I got and simply the more invested in myself the more money I received it’s again it’s about what you give what you put out and then what you receive back and if you put out negative energy then you’re going to get a lot of negative energy back if you put out positive energy including money to invest in yourself you get it back way more way more is all I can say it’s very very much along the lines of karma so finally um seven days to remix your life is there any more of those on the horizon because that was fantastic uh it’s five days but I like your style here I don’t want to stick a couple of extras okay no you know what it is because I I had a graphic that I was going to share let me share this and then we’ll start wrapping up Stever at the seven rules of Life uh I’ll read this out don’t compare your life to others comparison is the thief of Joy just smile you don’t own all the problems in the world make peace with your past so it won’t disturb your future what other people think of you is none of your business the only person in charge of your happiness is you Time Heals almost everything and stop thinking so much this ladies and gentlemen is why I love him incredible I’ll just drop them off [Laughter] but but we are going to do so what we’re going to do we’re going to do the 28th of January uh then I’m gonna plan some online uh courses yet five days to remix your life and some other things some very just two days based on relationships two days just based on money I’m gonna do those online uh Zoom free for everyone just to join uh we’re gonna do some more book clubs we’ve got three or four book clubs booked in for next year uh that we’re going to start uh promoting in January um and um because the book clubs are great and people got real value out of that and no charge right people can just join um so that’s really positive uh and then yes uh the the the weekend uh the weekend in the UK um probably around June sort of time uh a live remix weekend uh with networking opportunities as well as uh all the uh success related things that we’re talking about so lots of big plans for 2023 um lots to achieve lots more property investment it’s a big thing for me like to invest in properties to put a roof over people’s heads um adding value to their lives which is why you get paid the rent or or when people buy the property lots of crowdfunding properties um there’s um yeah there’s a lot happening mate and uh you know the the most important part is is just making sure that I bring as much joy to as many people as possible and that way once you understand that once you’ve got joy within you and then you radiate that out um it comes back and it comes back in lots of different ways it comes back in a compliment from you or Chris or or any of the other amazing people that are watching Angela anyone else who’s watching or uh it comes back in someone’s saying you know what Mark I want to work one-to-one with you here’s some money you can you know pay your mortgage for the next month or whatever else you know I mean it’s that’s all part of the process it’s all part of process wonderful well I will go on record as saying that uh I get involved with Mark as much as I can uh a part of the book club part of the five days to remix your life part of the e-coolers I’m not a coaching client of Marx but I love being around him he’s his Aura is fantastic and it’s rubbed off a lot on me and I know it’s rubbed off on of you so Mark I’m going to leave you to the rest of your evening thank you so much my friend I wish you a very happy Christmas I’m sure we’ll speak again before the big day but I’m just going to say goodbye to these that’s absolutely wonderful mate and uh thanks everyone for watching the questions the the great energy I thrive off it I love it and Andy all power to you um you know access let’s get you know you set your goals for 2023 whatever you’re gonna do you’ll let me know I know you are I will do take care buddy give my love to Emma to Frankie okay likewise the Michelle and the rest of the squad see you soon mate take care mate take care okay guys so that was Mark uh very happy for him to give me some of his valuable time um new screen here that we have uh as you can see I hit my thousand subscribers today very very happy about that um if you aren’t subscribed to me on YouTube it’s forward slash DJ Andy Ward head on over and uh give the page a like subscribe click the Bell button and then every time I do go live you’ll get a notification but most importantly all of the content is archived for you to watch at your convenience uh Janie boy just uh gave a big like of the stream and she was saying she just recently watched The Mark Archer episode uh talking about alternate she actually went to school with him and she didn’t realize that we were friends for the last 25 30 years so there’s always something to be taken from these talks thank you to everybody for commenting when D says she really enjoyed the conversation much Food For Thoughts um Angela thank you so much VB and life remixed are really life-changing Emily thank you Mark I cannot recommend enough Emily that you do get in touch with Mark for that 30 minute call uh Michelle says thanks as does Katrina shouts out to Woody as well um a big fan of the e-collars thank you Craig and Lester says good one Mark um and Jane is getting the book for a Christmas present fantastic um that is me done now until uh nine days and counting we are off to Iceland on Thursday via Edinburgh on Wednesday night uh looking forward to catching up with some of the VB family over there and then on the 21st I believe it’s the 21st of December I’ll forget what day that is whatever we’re going to be discussing birmingham’s ukg explosion talking to Jay harms and nitrate two guys slightly younger than myself uh we’re going to be focusing on the UK garage scene towards the back end of the 90s into the early 2000s uh the explosion of the scene and I’ll explain why we’re jumping that far ahead on that stream itself um Jimmy says I’ve subscribed buddy we’re searching for some Ableton information but this is much more interesting brilliant I’ve got a world of great context that I can put you in touch with talking about able to my friend uh drop me a message or drop me a comment and remind me I’ve got some really great people who have got some fantastic tutorials uh happy to talk to you one on one about that okay um I am sick of the sound of my own voice in my ears I didn’t think you’d ever hear me say that did I did you whatever right I’m gonna get out of here Monday night uh thank you all thank you for your time thank you again Mark for your wisdom and uh yeah you just be good to yourselves now I’ll see some of you in Iceland and I’ll catch the rest of you next week be good now foreign [Music]


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