Estonia Weekend – How it went down

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Estonia Weekend – How it went down

As I sit here in Oslo Airport on a 6 hour stopover, I thought I’d take the opportunity to reflect on the weekend I just had in Estonia.
I arrived on Thursday with the intention of working a few days in the studio with Sofia Rubina on a project we’ve been threatening to get finished for the last 3 years.
Getting collected by Dave Storm from my hotel on Friday afternoon, a few hours in his studio and we’d finished the partially started lyrics AND recorded all takes of them. Job’s a good one.. Listen out for the finished production some time in the New Year (I may even try to do a sneaky mashup stylee edit for next week’s Reunion).
Friday night I played in Privé in Tallin and Saturday in a tiny town called Johvi in Eastern Estonia at a barn/come local pub called The White Horse. Let’s just leave it as both gigs were pretty average. I always expected it so didn’t come away with any sadness and am pleased I got to spend some quality time with quality people, as I always do in Estonia.
Much respect to DJ Widenski for making it all happen and everyone I had a beer with along the way, as well of course as to Dave and Sofia.
Next stop… the Vocal Booth Reunion to end the year the way it should be ended.. with THE best crowd you could ever wish to play to !!


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