Do you believe in God ?

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Do you believe in God ?

>I’m on my holidays so am going to keep this very short, I wanted to get it out while I remembered but don’t want to lose precious time listening to a bunch of working-class Spanish families screaming blue murder at their kids… an-all inclusive hotel brings out the worst type of person.. myself included !
Anyway… how to keep this short ?
I have never been overly religious. I didn’t have a religious upbringing and yet there was a period from my late teens until a few years after the kids were born (maybe 15 years in total) where I prayed to God EVERY night, thanking him for looking over me and mine and asking for strength and guidance in all that lay ahead of me. I am disappointed I stopped. Every once in a while I still go out of my way (I force myself) to give thanks for all I have and for the miracles that I believe are happening all around me.
Dare I say it though, I am not sure I actually believe in “God” per say. Obviously, many people believe in ‘their’ God, so this isn’t an out and out religious question.
I truly believe there is some higher power that looks over me, sometimes I get a little scared (for want of a better word) that my wife and kids are so healthy and that, whilst I have never made a secret of the many struggles we have faced over the years, things generally could be a LOT worse.
Many of us are surrounded by friends and families who do not lead such blessed existences. I have friends who currently battle terminal illness and have recently had another friend have an emergency procedure on his heart, one friend today tells me his dad is not in the best of health in hospital whilst ‘we’ get to the age where we hear of those we know passing away. It is a fact of life.
Anyway, I don’t want to get deep into all of that, it isn’t something to be tackled hurriedly whilst taking a break from poolside aerobics.
The catalyst for this blog ? I’m going scuba diving and I was contemplating whether or not to wear my watch, it is a professional sports watch capable of a depth of 100m but the function button seems to be stuck in.. I wasn’t sure whether or not to trust the seal. Today in the pool I have got water in the watch, only a little bit, but I saw it as some kind of sign ahead of the dive tomorrow. I have worn this watch in the bath, jacuzzi, pool many times before.
There you go.. something for you to get your teeth into if you feel like it. I know there are one or two people who WILL absolutely have an opinion on this and may or may not comment.
I hope that you are well all the same. I’m off to eat way too many chips because I can.


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  1. OK, I’ll put my head above the parapet and state Yes I do believe in God.
    I also love science, especially Physics & Cosmology, trying to understand the workings of the universe on the most fundamental level.
    To me those two aspects are totally compatible.
    There is just far too much intelligence & design behind everything you look at in any detail. The fine tuning of all the four forces, DNA, the human cell, earths perfect location and cycles; the list is endless.
    Evolution does not account for the EXISTENCE of life, is still only a theory with no real proof, yet is told by the intellectuals as ‘gospel’ (pardon the pun)
    In my opinion I’d have to display a far bigger leap of faith to believe everything came about thru purposeless blind chance than to see there is intelligent design behind it all, requiring an intelligent designer.
    As for all the problems caused by man made religions ‘in the name of god’, that’s man twisting things to suit his own ends. False doctrines taught to scare (hell fire) or confuse (trinity) are not even in the bible! If Christians are killing other Christians for ANY reason they’re certainly not following Christ.
    So there we go. That’s my spin on things, and I’m sure that’s rattled a few people, but you did ask Andy, so it’s all your fault 😉

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