Deep House is the new UKG

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Deep House is the new UKG

I finally get it. Deep House has become the new UKG. NOW it all makes sense.
Yesterday, while I worked, I listened to the UKG Show on 1Xtra with Cameo. I have never heard this show before, or indeed any show on 1Xtra since Aaron Ross left (I don’t think). The only reason I even knew about it is through my good friends at Public Demand Records.
Check out the playlist it is well worth the listen. It is 4 hours long so there is a lot of non-house but what is blatantly apparent is the amount of ‘deep house’ music being played, faster than you or I would play it, and being called UKG. This is all starting to feel rather familiar.
I finally realise why everyone is saying “It’s a good thing, that the kids are getting into deep house”. When I look at it from the crossover point of view, meaning all of my friends can now maybe sell some more music (providing of course the exposure creates sales) and get on the line up at new venues, then how can that not be good ? I don’t listen to any commercial radio or watch MTV etc so it doesn’t really affect me, but I guess if it means that some decent music is finally starting to bleed through to the mainstream audience, then of course, I would be pretty idiotic to say that can’t be good. Maybe something inside was being stubborn and not allowing me to accept this fact. I’ll hold my hands up to that.
I tell you what though.. alarm bells are ringing !
I can’t make my point without looking at this from my own point of view. I am just sharing my thoughts, no more, no less.
I admit to being out of touch somewhat with what is going on “out there”, I like this because it means I follow my own path. I also grant that I may be classed as far from relevant to most that matter nowadays. I happily live in my own little bubble and share my own taste in music through my show and put on a little party here or there for predominantly the same network of people. That is my life as far as music is concerned and I am happy with that. A few years of playing out to crowds who really didn’t have a clue about music have taken their toll on me, leaving me with zero desire to make the effort to find new gigs anymore. I accepted this a long time ago and I’m repeating it here again for the umpteenth time (sorry) but it is all relevant to this blog.
I am immediately reminded about this interview that Dennis Ferrer did back in Feb 2012.

I’m sorry to say but I’d rather play to 53,000 18 to 30 year olds than worry about playing to a hundred 45 year olds! Most of the people that used to be relevant are not anymore! Times change. This is a business. You have to keep relevant, because there’s always some kid in his bedroom making ridiculous records! All the heroes that I grew up with are just not relevant right now because they’re not willing to change with the times.

Well personally I don’t see why a DJ would want to play to a bunch of kids half his age. For me, it’s all about connecting with the people I play to with music that means something to us both. I can’t do that with a crowd I share no history with. I’ve done my “changing with the times”, thanks. I spoke and laughed at length with Dennis about that interview, I wish we could have recorded that conversation.
Anyway.. I digress.
Maybe this finally explains why I personally see no benefit in the ‘kids’ getting into deep house. The kids aren’t buying music and even IF I was able to bring out a tune that made me hot stuff again ‘out there’, then what ? In my mind, there is no difference between going to a gig and getting asking for David Guetta all night or being asked for the ‘latest’ deep house tunes that were massive 12 months ago. Playing anything because it feels forced is a position I never want to be in again. These are not the words of some bitter has-been, these are words of experience. Ok.. maybe both then.
I’ve said it before, I’ve been spoilt in recent times by amazing crowds who accept anything I chuck at them, I can’t go back to pleasing the masses ever again and I definitely don’t want to turn up to a night thinking I can play what I want, when really it’s just another version of “Now That’s What I Call Deep House, Vol3”. I guess I’ve turned into a music snob all of a sudden. There.. I said it !
For the cheap seats, I know there are some amazing tracks and producers making noise right now and I am fully aware there is a strong underground scene out there but it is about to get pushed even further underground, where it belongs…
BOOM, got there ! That’s what I’ve been trying to say all along !! Hallelujah.
I promise not to pipe up again on the matter because let’s face it, no one gives a toss what I think… but I do know I’m just repeating what many have thought or will come to find out sooner or later ! I also have nothing to lose like everyone else quietly grumbling behind gritted teeth. You would also be surprised at the amount of shit gigs most of the ‘big’ DJs do but never complain about them !
With this new love for all things Deep House, just you wait before you start getting pestered every week to play Julio Bashmore and Jamie Jones, tune after tune.
What’s that you say ? You already are ?

*Edit – There has been a hell of a lot of traffic to this blog.. I wish I would have thought to have linked back to this blog from August last year which will give a lot more insight into myself and my views.. this blog was realyl just written for people who are aware of all of this already.


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