Conspiracy Fearies

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Conspiracy Fearies

I’ll start be saying that what happened at the Boston Marathon was atrocious. Heartbreaking. I’ve attended a few big race meetings. I know the buzz at the finish line. I was shocked at some of the video footage I have been watching.
I’m going to TRY to very quickly get to the point. Conspiracy theories, the people who come up with them, the people who believe them.. they all intrigue me.
I live in my own little bubble here in Spain. I feel a little ’embarrassed’ that as an intelligent person I have no political allegiance to talk of and yet I also feel it makes my life a lot less complicated. As previously stated, I don’t see how my singular actions can avert the course of politics or world events in any way, shape or form. I get the kids to and from school, I cook and clean, occasionally I play records and make people happy and I talk shit on-line. That’s my life. That does me.
When I recently started a conversation on Facebook about benefits someone said that the public need to “wake up” and stop accepting the bullshit we are being fed. I asked “Wake up and do WHAT ?” I got no answer.
The 911 conspiracies, the WMD farce and now the Boston bombings and the apprehension of one of the apparent bombers… just a few in a long line of events that have hundreds of theories on-line for you to read about. I could go on and on but the reason why I decided to write this was a question that came into my head whilst, ironically, jogging yesterday.

Has there been a time (any brief period, era etc) in the history of man where the balance of power was equal between ‘them’ and ‘us’? If so, why did it not remain ?

At the risk of asking a weighted question, if in all these years things remain effed up, what makes people think anything they do is going to make things any different now ?
As I say, there are so many other things I could ramble on about in my totally un-informed way, but I hope to create an interesting debate here between my friends and others who get pulled into it.
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