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Earlier this month, it was 10 years since we sold our house in the UK and embarked on a new life here in Spain.
In hindsight, we were a little naive in our decision because we really had no major plan and things turned out to be a lot more difficult than we had imagined along the way. All the same, 10 years later here we remain and personally, I’m the happiest I have been in a long time.
Since the VB ended, I have been totally immersed in listening back and editing the DJ sets. The steady flow of promo emails continue to flood my inbox, however rather than having to spend numerous hours previewing, reacting and downloading all my new music, I now just delete the mails. This is something I could never imagine myself doing before.
For as long as I can remember, since my Choice FM days, I have always been on the ball with new music and felt totally up to speed with the new artists, releases and gossip. In recent times, with the soulful scene splintering somewhat, it has become nigh on impossible for me to keep up with it all. This didn’t concern me too much… I play music that moves me and have the support of people who have the same tastes as me. That does me, after all it’s not about me but all about the music. It always has been.
With the VB Radio Show on hold, and no gigs on the horizon to worry about (aside from the VB Reunion on Nov 2nd in London), I have felt totally relaxed and enjoyed not having to worry about new music. I am getting my fill of hearing great tunes from the DJ sets and am satisfying my need to share by putting them out as podcasts. Again, it’s not about me, it’s a joy I get from sharing the music.
The reason I am bothering to share these thoughts? I never thought I could allow myself to let go from the constant need for new music… but I realise now in these short few weeks that it was consuming me too much.
I’m repeating things said numerous times before on my blog.. I’ve never been a trainspotter and I’m definitely not one who needs exclusive music to define himself as a DJ, far from it in fact – I play the tunes people know and love without (hopefully) being too obvious. I’ve got 25+ years of music at my disposal to share in any of my sets without having to worry about playing the latest new music that most of the current headline DJs on the circuit are playing at any given time that weekend in clubs. If a tune is that good, I’ll hear it and buy it. If I’m a month behind everyone else, fine. If I’m 3 months behind every one else, fine.
What am I getting to ?
Well this blog has been meaning to come for the last few months. I didn’t want to send it out before VBW because I didn’t want to have to talk about it whilst wanting to enjoy my event. I was going to wait until after the reunion but too many different things have happened, coincidentally, today which have forced me to get it out whilst I watch England trying to qualify for World Cup 2014.
Earlier this week I spoke to DJP to confirm that I would no longer be presenting the Vocal Booth every week on Pressure. I had eluded to this a few times on the show in the run up to VB, but a few things this week make me realise I should announce it officially sooner rather than later. I’ve also had a few messages from people and the odd conversation on Facebook about me not doing the show.
This isn’t the end of the Vocal Booth Show, and of course the Vocal Booth Weekender stopped being about me a long time ago so I have no worries about that continuing successfully at all.
I will still send out my own podcasts, at least monthly once all the sets are sorted from VB2013, with the occasional live show on Pressure if and when I can find a time slot spare.
I have no intention of making a big song and dance about this, I am not going to be sharing this blog anywhere else other than on my own site and would prefer it if you didn’t share it either.. it’s only meant for those who bother to read my thoughts and the only ones who possibly care.
Let’s face it, there are hundreds of DJs and shows to listen to, not having to listen to me repeat myself every week for months on end isn’t going to be that much of a hardship.
With no gigs, and no radio show, I look forward to a new chapter in my life. I think I’ve turned the corner.
Thankfully, I am busy enough with WardsWebsites to keep my brain occupied and also to keep me supplied with cheap red wine (I’m actually really not drinking much either due to a current fitness obsession).
Of course there will be the occasional Vocal Booth related parties (London 2nd Nov, Birmingham 14th Dec) I will be putting on and playing at to keep me on my toes, and I’m sure once I start listening back to my favourite podcasts and Pressure Radio buddies I’ll be inspired to get back on the decks myself to record some more studio DJ sets.  It goes without saying there are two very big parties I would jump at the chance of playing in 2014 if the call comes.. we live in hope.
Until that time comes, I am loving not giving a shit about what the biggest tune of the moment is or worrying about missing out on all that lovely new music. I could actually write a hell of a lot more but I want this message to be a positive one celebrating my new found freedom.
Thanks for reading, maybe my words will flick a switch in your head over something ?


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  1. Well big man it’s been a while since you dropped one of these blogs .. From the deepest of your thoughts .. They usually come a little later in the year 🙂
    Anyhow .. Great wise words .. And you’re right .. Life is about chapters and you know when one has just rocked up and hit you … Nothing you can do but embrace and reflect … All part of moving on
    Here’s to the next one !

  2. big hugs to you and family you sound free of worries be blessed on ur new chapter , do miss listening to ya on me rush home from work on a Thurs though xx

  3. Letting go is a wonderful thing. In every sense. The wonderful thing about house is that tgere is now so much archive of quality it doesnt matter. Its about selection and depth of collection. Anyone can download the trax. It takes wisdom to choose the rifht thing at the right time .Enjoy the ride x

  4. Andy Ward You are a fucking “KING” END OFF !!! Being true to oneself without pretence or artificiality is an understatement…. That Is What You Call Putting It Down Properly xx

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