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Category: Music

DJ Andy Ward presents
The Ralf Gum Experience

I had the idea to do a mix of nothing but a certain producer’s music. Originals or remixes. It was a no brainer who was going to be first.

I put approximately 200 tunes onto a USB stick and arranged them by BPM. I didn’t pre-arrange anything and hit record whilst also I was live on Pressure Radio. I think I nailed it but when you are working with such amazing content you can’t take any credit for it… the music does all the work. Enjoy.

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Live Broadcasts

This week there will be no Vocal Booth radio show, however the following week we have a double helping for you. Broadcasting across the airwaves in conjunction with, (click the link to check out their lovely looking NEW site… do not use any previous bookmarks to get full advantage of the new features),  tune

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Mobile App

If you don’t own a suitable mobile device, you can still utilise the wonderful features of the app by clicking this link:

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