Real Tricks for Real DJs – A DJ Workshop

Here is a link to a priceless, two-hour workshop that was held at this year’s Vocal Booth Weekender. It features pearls of wisdom from Terry Hunter, Mad Mats and host, Sunlight Square.
I have finally gotten around to listening to all the awesome recordings from the event and am excited to hear back my closing set, live on my radio show tomorrow. Join me on Pressure at the usual time to relive those crazy scenes.

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Andy Ward @ Groovenite, Switzerland. Feb 2019. 3 hr+ set

Enclosed is a 3 hr 15 min set of ‘Club Classics’ of the Soulful Genre. Even though it’s probably a little ‘obvious’ from start to finish (and that’s just me being fussy) there’s no denying that there is some timeless, outstanding music in this set. There’s nothing you won’t have heard my play many, many times before but having all these tunes together in one mix might just be the stuff dreams are made of for some.

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