Buzzin – Name That Beat

Much of the content (attached photo & audio) prior to April 2020 is no longer available on the server.

If there is anything specific you are after, get in touch as I do have it saved on my Hard Drive.

Most radio shows and mixes should be available on Mixcloud.

Buzzin – Name That Beat

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Something that I’ve wanted to do for a while.  I’ve spent the last two weeks fannying about on FB with some live videos and graphics.  Saturday saw me present the first episode of my ‘King of the Beats’ show… where two people go head to head to see who can get a tune first from just the drums or the shortest of intros.

It’s amazing how quick they got them… The video will speak for itself.

I think it will be a regular feature, for the next few weeks at least, every Saturday at 6pm UK time.

I can’t seem to embed the video but you can see it here –

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