Bringing down the walls. Literally

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Bringing down the walls. Literally

I was sat in my lounge back in January with some time on my hands and decided to change things around slightly. Move the TV from under the stairs onto a different wall, wallpaper over the mess and brighten up the room a bit.  €100 euros maximum.
Simple. Or so I thought.
For the rest of that afternoon my usual over-excitable brain bounced from idea to idea.
Seeing as I had already decided to pull back from my DJ gigs and was not really inspired to work on any new productions, I wondered whether or not it would make sense to convert my studio/office back to the guest bedroom downstairs it once was.
Within 3 hours my entire record collection was rehoused in the covered extension at the back of the house, the equipment packed away to be moved into Mikey’s bedroom.
That was easy. Or so I thought.
The next day I called my friend Paul and asked “In theory, how easy would it be to knock down the wall between the studio and make the kitchen bigger ?” “Fairly”, he said. About 7 days later I was let loose on a jack hammer and the wall was gone.
That was basically the start of a chain of events that has now seen the entire ground floor of my house redecorated over the last 10 months.
My beloved wood burner sits pride of place in the lounge with a gorgeous new sofa and redecorated space. A whole new extension of the first kitchen ‘extension’ we did, an amazing new kitchen suite, a covered car port that is now a garage/storage area and I also now have my entire vinyl collection and music equipment safe and sound in their own space.
The entire rear of the house (although not quite stylish enough YET) is proper man cave business !
Looking back, the original knocking down of the studio wall was probably unnecessary, however if it hadn’t happened I would not have had the inspiration (and definitely didn’t dream we’d have the money at the time) to continue to the point where we are at now, with a real home and the kitchen of our dreams.
I’m sharing this to look back on myself but…
I was inspired by friends to get a wood burner, to update the kitchen, to get my vinyl sorted, maybe this has planted the seed for your own project ?

As always, inspire and be inspired, I say !

This all could not have happened if it was not for the hard work Michelle has put in as her role as Manager she took on earlier this year. It’s the cheesiest of lines ever but she really F*cking smashed it !!


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