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It’s been a long time coming but I finally got around to ‘sorting out’ my own website.

I’ve always been really keen to archive and make available as much content of mine as possible but over time my old site got really bloated and it became real slow in comparison to the sites I have hosted on my own servers (this site was always on a different server because I couldn’t be arsed to change it over).

Last night I decided to bite the bullet and started all over again.  There were a few issues with Mixcloud not playing for some people and it appears that this new set up is working like a dream. You do not need to change anything if you are subscribed to my podcasts and if you aren’t then you can easily find out how in the site navigation menu.

The good news is that all the blog content I have created over the last 10+ years is still here, however there may be some photos or audio links missing. I do have all this content stored safe elsewhere and the truth of the matter is that pretty much no one is interested in the old stuff, not until I die anyway 🙂 I’m not even sure anyone will even bother reading this!

Anyway… the new site isn’t anything over the top, it has all the important info to hand and works well on desktop and mobile alike. Did you know I design websites for a living, lol.

Hope you’re well anyway and staying out of mischief.

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If you find any images or audio missing, let me know and I can reload it.

Much of the content prior to April 2020 was not loaded to the new server, although I do have it stored locally.

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