Avoiding Procrastination. Why putting things off is holding us back

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Avoiding Procrastination. Why putting things off is holding us back

Sophia Bailey-Larsen is a Vision Creation Mentor and an Inspirational Trainer.

Our paths crossed this summer whilst I was DJing on a boat party with Mikey and she was a member of the crowd, loving the 80s singalong vibes as we sailed along on the Med. Since then, we have spoken ever so briefly and the opportunity has presented itself for me to find out more about this incredible person with so many accolades to talk of.

The main topic of conversation will address the matter of procrastination… what it is and how we can easily eliminate it from our everyday lives.

foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign good afternoon everybody Welcome along Inspire and be inspired it is a weekly motivational conversation uh uh and definitely we’re going to have some life hacks for you today if it’s the first time you have to be passing by then my name is Andy Ward and it’s a pleasure to have your company I can see we already have one of two of our friends joining us live so please feel free to leave a comment let me know you’re there and I will also ask all of our friends who come back and check out the recordings to leave any comments or leave any questions as well for my guests today because uh she will be more than happy to answer them afterwards uh I can see through the corner of my eye Sophia Bailey Larson is actually waving to you on the screen but you can’t actually see here yet because I need to press this screen and bring her on and now we are both together on the screen Sophia good afternoon how are you really well thanks Andy thank you for having me today and just a little addition I also can’t see them on the screen so if I miss anything I’ll be reading it later okay well what about that when we begin it’s always um slightly um delayed for people commenting and saying good evening and so on and so forth so it may take a little while for people to uh make themselves known as I say that actually I gotta say hi to Lisa and hi to Emily who’s complimented me on the camera tonight good evening thank you very much I’m very happy with the new setup um I’ll talk about that towards the end of the show uh last week we got into quite a deep conversation and I neglected to talk about it because it seemed rather insignificant but tonight we’re gonna have um a slightly more light-hearted conversation and an extremely positive conversation with my esteemed guest Sophia now for some reason I’m doubting myself I am pronouncing that correctly Sofia right it’s it’s Sophia you’re one of the only to pronounce it the right way the first time you’re doing that you’re doing great it’s not Sophie it’s not Sophia it’s Sofia Sofia wonderful thank you uh tonight’s topic of conversation is avoiding procrastination uh it’s a little bit of a um uh what’s the word I’m looking for we were trying to steal some headlines with with that title because we’re going to be talking about a hell of a lot of uh different subjects uh click bait that’s the word I was looking for it’s a bit of a click bait right so um but uh you have many topics that you are very very uh well qualified to talk about so uh rather than me reel off your bio in a very unnatural way why don’t you introduce yourself and let us know who you are and what you’re all about so uh hi everybody my name is Sophia Bailey Larson and I’m from London you might tell by the accent depending on where you are but I live in Spain like Andy and we met over here so I started off in London in a way that some of you may be familiar with I was a single mother there I had two daughters there and because I was single with two daughters it really put me into a life where I felt very compelled to do things I didn’t want to do to be able to raise them and I came into my current line of work because of that because of the pushing and the striving and the opportunities and the wondering you know what else was out there and what else could I learn I came across a book called Think and Grow Rich along my travels and it taught about steps to riches they’re in steps to riches 13 steps to getting that chill life that you want um fast track down the line I’m actually a trainer of that work but between there and here I definitely encountered procrastination I definitely encountered like that self-doubt and doubt in myself and not quite knowing what to do but I understood that there when you do things in a certain way there are certain laws that if you follow them whether you knowingly do it or not that you begin to get more of what you want from life so who I am now for those of you um new to me I’m a certified think and very rich trainer that’s a book that was written by Napoleon Hill and we’ll get on to that later I am foremost a housewife and Mum so you may see the hubby in the sun walk past um and um my little boys is quite young I don’t know if you know this Andy but my little boy is only four but because I was that teenage mother my older children are 26 and 13 now so I’ve had quite the journey um between having those children and and now my life goal is really about sharing the principles that I’ve learned and applied with other people so they don’t have to really struggle as hard and as much with the things that I had to encounter this is all part of my journey wonderful talking of your journey not quite the bio intro but this is who I am and that is perfect uh most people who watch this will be more than aware I like to try and make this as natural as possible I don’t like to make it for us that’s that comes from the many years of me interviewing people on the radio and you have a set a list of questions that you ask it just feels very unnatural to me now there’s no auto remote after this it’s just you know honest transparent conversation so uh before we get fully into this evening let’s um highlight again how you and I met and how you and I got talking I was asked to DJ on a boat party in the at the height of the summer with my key uh for suela and the Big Reds animal charity now I’m not sure if you know so Weller or you just saw the boat party advertised and you thought I like the sound of that is that what happened ah and ended up dragging my husband along and we had the best night you were amazing you in the way you interacted with the crowd as well as the music of course but yeah I felt at home it was definitely there was definitely something that um aligned the two of us you know very positive people I don’t even recall on the evening I was driving I wasn’t drinking but at some point we engaged in a conversation and then maybe you would have followed me on Facebook or something and and that would have been thinking a little more interaction I invited you along to come and see me in Cabaret so on and so forth I told you about the vocal booth uh until eventually now we communicate a lot more and it’s it you know it’s my pleasure to get to know you uh that little bit better on here um I tried to make this as interactive as I can I can see I have a lot of people watching live again so I will say as it’s taken a little while for them to join good evening everybody who Lynn was my guest last week also to uh pokes and to Jane uh two Jane’s actually Jane Harrington and Jamie Bean I’ve got loads of screens here I’m looking at your people’s names there I’m actually looking at Sophia on the screen in front of me so I can see her reaction of her face where really I should be addressing her like this brief or do that then I can’t see her face no worries um right okay so that I just felt that I wanted to repackage how everything’s going down here um and I feel nice and relaxed and I’m happy for you to impart your wisdom upon us so what’s the first thing that you feel uh people need to consider or they you know that you want to try and drill home to people because this is all about uh making a better life for themselves right one of the things okay so can you ask because I’m not sure how many of the audience and how many of the people watching know about um personal development I think you have a personal development crowd or know about Think and Grow Rich and know about Napoleon Hill because otherwise I’ll tell you okay let’s let’s pretend pretend we’re talking to people who have no clue whatsoever I’ve for many years I’ve I’ve shared um information about the book people have purchased the book after my recommendations I mean I’ve known about the book for 22 years now that’s when I was first turned onto it if it comes up in conversation I’ll explain why but it’s not important so most of these people know um life coaches they’re very positive thinking but please do you know tell whatever it is that you want to tell so for call time in my life as I was saying before I was an accountant and I really absolutely hated my job um I was doing the job because I wanted to make money obviously for the kids but I felt guilty all the time because I wanted to be with my kids and one of my kids I thought I should be working on a business or trying to do something so I wouldn’t have to work and I was just in this place all the time that was that was just a challenge no matter where I was it was a challenge it just felt stiff and then I heard about a personal development seminar and this was um also many years ago maybe 10 years ago uh in Brixton which is in South London so I went over to this personal development seminar where they asked questions about your life to be able to figure out what it was that you won what wasn’t working and how you could actually move forward with more of what you want from life so sitting in this Hall with you know like 50 50 other people they began to ask us about what wasn’t working and for me immediately I felt that okay you know I’m just too busy there’s so there’s so much going on I’m constantly overwhelmed I’m not getting anything done at all and that makes me upset but drilling deeper into it I realized that it was my work life I felt that if I just had the courage if I could just make a decision to leave my job then I would be moving forward towards more of the things I want if I if I had the courage and I really believed in myself that I could do this that I could run a business and I could be with my children then I would do him and so I wrote that down and we delved into what wasn’t actually working about them I realized what was missing for me was just that courage to take action it’s actually really really common to just want something so much but still be so fearful that you don’t take action and I guess this is partly what procrastination is but at the end of the exercise um in that seminar we were asked who would like to share your story do you know like public speaking is one of the biggest fears people fear it sometimes more than dying right they hate to and when I in those days I didn’t want to speak in front of anyone I couldn’t speak in front of anyone if I did I would shake and so I was like everybody else in the room that just hit their face and was like I’m not going to be the one to share my story except in this instance I was at the front of the room and so I was very visible to the person that was at the front of the room and looking at my page looking at all the things I’ve just said to myself about what it is I want to do with my life and I’m looking at you would do it if you had courage and you said in this patreon you said like three minutes ago that you’re gonna actually do this thing and you’re sitting here hiding look at this I’m gonna have courage and I’m gonna act on my decisions so I put my hand up hoping it wasn’t going to be me that was picked but I put my hand up without looking and heard them call my name like Sophia have you got something that you would like to say you come up and realize I was the only one that put my hand up [ __ ] quite normal okay going up to the front of the room I was able to say that you know my name is Sophia and and what is holding me back right now is that I don’t have courage I want to leave my job and I’m going to make a decision to do this in the next three months I’m going to do it I’m going to put down the money and things are going to be right in my life just the act of making that decision just the act of doing it felt like a weight had lifted even before I put any of the action into it and it was actually the next day that I left my job just supernaturally I’m talking about it later left my job the next day instead of in three months was offered um redundancy pay three months redundancy paid by my boss left forever but I always wondered about in the decision what is it what what kind of energy was it that came over me what was it that is now motivating me so when I came to read Think and Grow Rich years later after that now I’m in marketing now I’m doing sales now I’m using this principle all the time like just raise your hand anyway make a decision that the things that is going to lead you to where you want to go just do those think about what they are and do those things it might be scary but you’re going to figure it out because there’s something out there that when you make a strong decision there’s a land with your purpose is actually leading you towards it and then so I will tell you this book came across my path when I was now out of accountancy and doing marketing network marketing in the network marketing direct sales industry um if you’ve ever ever had someone sell something and get a commission and want to tell their friends and all that kind of stuff right I was in that in that kind of place and all these millionaires people that won the state were swearing by this book Think and Grow Rich and what they said is this book has the secret to getting things done getting the thing that you want out of life and I had a pretty good life but I didn’t have a millionaire lifestyle at that time so they said look on average people millionaires have read this book at least 14 times over you have to read it and not only read it but you have to study it and then you have to apply it for you to get these changes and so I decided to do that and Andy I did that for 15 months I did nothing but read that book I took time out I was just like right I’m getting it I made another decision I’m getting it I’m gonna do this and that’s when I really understood that he had outlined everything so the basis of this book Think and Grow Rich and she’ll show you a copy show you what it’s all about I took the liberty of getting the books out ready Andy even though you’re coming up I’ve got a paperback and I’ve got a hardback two two different copies all right so what this guy did a very very long time ago he interviewed 500 of the wealthiest men and women in the world at that time to find out what they had in common as rich people um he it took him 20 years because he went back and forth between all these people you know he’d maybe go out and find out from you Andy like oh he was really organized and planned as everybody else got this as a trade this this sense of organization okay they have that’s one of the things they’ve all got in common and he went through and did all of those and came up with laws of successes book and he had 17 17 of these Laws of Success look at the size of the book okay okay look at the size of the print no one’s got time to read all of that that’s crazy and so nobody really wanted to publish this book because it wasn’t going to be the one that makes you know makes the Publishers rich and famous he was asked to condense it so he did so into this book Think and Grow Rich which has now 13 steps to riches and one of them ties into what we’re doing is the step called decision he found that of those 500 people that all of them would take her to make a decision very quickly and they wouldn’t change their minds if at all they would change their minds very slowly and this was like two percent of successful people whereas when he tried to apply this and the other principles that are in this book he realized that out of the other 25 000 people that he helped to apply this book most of them didn’t think like this 25 000 people were classed as failures they just couldn’t get the thing they want no matter how they tried it but doing all the things that weren’t to do with this and he wrote this one outwitting the devil what which is about overcoming this sense of just being a failure of not owning your own mind of not knowing how to do things and that was what you saw me post about was this book out within the devil it came after stink and Grow Rich but it was about how hard it is to do this so the key to owning your own life as a combination of all these them overwhelming key that everyone needs to do is just to know what you want it sounds easy but for the majority it’s the 98 of people it’s not easy it’s not easy just to Define what you want can I just uh say that forgive me I do not want to interrupt your train of thoughts I’m I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to come back to where you were Jane uh say she’s never heard of the book but she wants it um if I may I want this to be mainly your voice but something quite important I want it I want to have input into this conversation you talk about network marketing um I will share a story about how I also got into network marketing that’s a conversation I’m going to have actually in a few weeks with another friend of ours about the misconceptions of multi-level marketing and it was through that that I discovered Think and Grow Rich it was through that that I went to a lot of these um I learned about PMA I learned about you know POS of course positive mental attitude um and you know just about changing your outlook I was a very very young lad and I will say that over the last 20 years every time I’ve picked up Think and Grow Rich I’ve been inspired something has come to me and off the back of that I’ve even gotten myself onto DJ agencies I’ve got residences at some of the biggest clubs in the world I started up an event uh in Spain that’s up you know running really well that everybody knows about so drink and Grow Rich I owe so much to that book I’ve done a lot of thinking I’m yet to get rich but that’s a common topic that’s a difference as it happens it and I get shut down in flames by another friend of mine who is a life coach because for me the rich getting rich isn’t really an important factor in my life I’m wealthy beyond my wildest dreams um but again I I don’t want this to be my voice I want it to be yours so Jane get the book I employ you it’s incredible sorry I love what you said there though Andy about you know that this thing about getting this mainly on the money which is for most of us means money but there are so many ways to Define your riches I mean there are people with billions or millions that aren’t happy they don’t have love they don’t have friendship they don’t even have inner peace and for them that’s the riches that they want they might not have health something you can’t buy with money so riches is really kind of it’s really a personal thing success is really a personal thing because it doesn’t say the science of making money it’s about what riches means to you and there’s another book uh Jane it’s called hey what have I forgotten the book um gonna come back here I think it’s the I think it’s the science of getting rich actually the fans are getting rich they say that success is the progression of a worthy ideal that’s what like it is to be rich or to have success so it means that the thing that you think is your ultimate goal that that picture of my idol day and my idol life and all of those things coming together like who’s in my life who I’m able to give money to if that’s what I want to do what I want to buy in my house the the progression towards that if you’re doing something small daily that’s to be rich that’s to be successful I mean look at them records man that’s someone’s dreams my dream I’d love to have that wall oh my gosh well that’s it I you know I am I am just an airpod okay no problem but you know I am living that dream but uh you know let’s not focus on that I’ll say good evening to Mr Willow hi uh also to Francis how are you big Ben big man Boy Yes Yes uh Amy tape passes through good evening Amy lots of Pearls of Wisdom uh Sophia Amy is a very dear friend of her as a young young girl at the beginning of her journey she wants to make it as a as a live streamer uh maybe she will learn a hell of a lot from yourself um so Amy do do listen uh POG wash says good health is the greatest definition of Rich um I was listening to an interview uh earlier with uh Damon Dash actually from Rockefeller records on the Diary of a CEO podcast and you know he was talking about when things aren’t going your way if you’ve got all the money in the world you’d happily trade it in for not being ill not being incarcerated not having someone close to you pass away you know um definitely because you know Andy what I didn’t mention at the time when I walked away from one network marketing company because I heard about this book and the advice of these millionaires at that time I was a six figure earner I walked away from six figures to understand this real power because I wasn’t happy and at that time I wanted to be happy more than I wanted to be tired and Rich I was really tired of making money so um you know it I’ve seen it in my life and I’ve seen it in many other people’s lives that there’s always more um you just gotta decide what that is to you and decide that it’s worthy of going after uh so this kind of ties back into the procrastination thing well let’s just say there is uh you’ve obviously um shown that you’ve got a wealth of knowledge that people can uh reach out and speak to you more at length about this through your website I’ll just let people know now Sophia bailey.co.uk is the website right so people can check that out um please even easier if they I want to my Facebook page is the Sophia Bailey wisdom on wealth so they can just quickly go head over there I post there more often probably than my website so I was actually looking down okay so uh we’ve got the background on yourself and uh you know uh the important thing is like dietitians like personal trainers um like hairdressers there are lots of life coaches around but sometimes you will connect with one that talks your language that there’s something that just jowls right with you and and um how do you attract yourself to new people um you know when it comes to talking one-on-one with people what you find it is that makes that connection work best um for me let me firstly just differentiate a little because I’m not a life coach okay um I don’t offer life coaching at all but I’m a mentor um I’m Mentor because as I said before I’ve been through so many things from being a teenage mother who as as a young 20 year old the father of the children died it was actually 20 years ago so doing all of that going through a very abusive relationships going through redundancy going through um bankruptcy and almost losing a house every single time that I’ve had these these difficult times in my life I’ve had to learn some form of lesson in that adversity in that really difficult space and it was a combination of all of these realizing how they tied together that I realized that this wisdom that I have that I shared I never would have got it if I didn’t go through them and so they are drawn to me I guess because I’m not just saying oh yeah I can understand yeah yeah you know I understand oh so sorry for you but I physically remember going through that thing I know the steps that I took and I can actually teach you them now in a way that I know works one of the things that was difficult for me even though I did very well and I’ve always done very well in direct sales was that I wasn’t always guaranteed in my spirit that when someone came in and heard my story that they were going to have success and it would eat me up like I don’t want to make money of other people’s hope when I’m not even sure that you’re gonna make it I know how much it takes to make it it was eating me up you probably cover that on your MLM thing right but I did well I was raised in network marketing as a child I’ve been doing it since I was five I gave it up but when people came to me for my own stories and said look what you said you’ve gone through I’m going through that now and I want to talk to you about it and being able to help them um with all my heart that that that’s what really draws people to me it’s not learned in a course so it’s not always um let’s say it’s not always easy to give the information over in a way that you can apply right away but I hold their hand and I’m proof that it works you know I’ve come from a council estate in London like I’m living in something like a mansion in Spain like it seems impossible but when you’ve got steps and you’ve got like the 13 steps of riches and you’ve got the laws of success and you’ve got spiritual laws that I teach and I meditate and I teach neuroscience and just I understand how everything works now I think um for a lot of people it’s inspiring in a way that moves you forward but it’s definitely most definitely and that is the key thing as you say it’s you want because that’s what I love about these conversations is you know there are uh more learned people than myself talking to much you know highly famous people around the world but when you’re talking on a one-to-one basis with people that we can all truly relate to I think it really hits home a lot more um so yeah I’m sure of that out there I’m sure that people are will be warm to you immediately so let’s uh draw our attention then to the the procrastination finally ironically finally let’s let’s have a a very uh a roundabout conversation about what you believe the main factors are that leads people and it’s going to be different for different people isn’t it but how do people avoid it and why is it dragging us there the reason it is pretty much tracking you down is because you know we have two currencies we mentioned one it’s money money is the currency of of this Earth this is how this is how we trade our value but the real true currency the spiritual value and currency we have is time it’s the only thing that we equally have it’s the only thing that we can all make something of of ourselves with it’s time and when you don’t know how to master your thoughts you will never be able to master your time because you don’t understand where to focus your thoughts about the time that you have you don’t organize your day you don’t prioritize what’s important you know you do put off until tomorrow what you know you should be doing today because you just I mean there are people that just haven’t understood the importance so anything else can be important what your boss wants is going to be more important what your anybody your friends want is going to be more important anything will be more important in that moment than what you want when you haven’t decided exactly what it is but look at this scenario right when you put a value on something that leads you to your purpose you’re at so for instance I only learned to swim when I came to Spain by about a couple of years ago I was afraid to swim my whole life because when I was young my dad pushed me into to imbec Lido it like the Caribbean people okay they learned that when you put the a baby a child in water they can swim some people say that but not when they’re eight all right and the lighthouse is cold and that was just my whole experience of swimming and so anytime when I was like oh yeah you know I’m going to learn to swim and I’m going to do a swimming lesson and I’m going to book a swimming lesson and everything to do with swimming lesson is important I need to know how to swim but not important enough I didn’t put enough value on it that I need to do it right now so what changed for me instead of putting that off was I had a conversation with someone pretty much like I’m with you right now and they said what if you had to do this to save your son’s life now I’ve got a son I imagine my son being near that poor my husband being upstairs Paul is quite far away I can’t do anything to save him but call my call my husband and wait you know however long it takes for him to get in the water because I’m too afraid and I don’t know what to do that’s enough of a push no matter how scared I am I don’t want to procrastinate anymore I needed a strong enough reason every time I’ve acted I’ve needed a strong enough reason so if you think about the thing that is most important to you now right the thing that you want to do the thing that you’re putting off and you also think about someone that is really important to you your loved one your child your grandchild your your spouse you know your best friend and this is a horrible visualization I’m sorry but it was one that was going to be that gave you that was going to give you the importance of it but imagine someone had gun up to their heads they’re about to pull the trigger if you don’t go and act if you don’t go and do that action now they’re going to pull the trigger all because of your unwillingness to act wouldn’t you act immediately what else would be more important than you acting in that moment you can see yourself doing the thing right away right now nothing else is more important and so that was just like because you’ve placed importance on it now you have a reason to go do it but why can’t you do that anyway why couldn’t you get up and turn off Netflix anyway why do I have to put a trigger to someone’s of that you love’s head I was gonna say that’s a bit extreme just to turn off the Hollywood wives it’s horrible but doesn’t it show you how quickly your mind can change to a desire to do something your thoughts just switching that moment nothing was more important and I’m not saying that the things you know there’s always going to be things that are more important than each other health for instance may be important in making money or whatever it is but if you want to make money and you begin to switch the way that you think about it the value of it of what is going to bring to your life and the life of your loved ones is just every aspect of your life that it’s going to impact if you would just switch your thought and take one action then you would take the one action just one action every day because it’s just one action every day that’s going to begin to build a habit for you that after a while is going to become your lifestyle we don’t even think about this is what outwitting the devil is about 98 of people don’t even think about what is that action or that habit is going to be we won on autopilot and it’s easy to persuade you to do anything because you have nothing else more important to do like when I was a teen I spoke for 10 years I would get up have a cigarette when I think about the first thing that I’m going to do have a cigarette getting ready have a cigarette walking to the bus stop you know after you go just just thoughtlessly just smoking all the time but guess what I didn’t have money to smoke I had to stop because I ran out of money it became more important than I had food than cigarettes there’s always going to be something that you can find to trigger you if you’re looking for it to trigger you into the thing that you want to do and I’m using extreme examples because I want you to seriously consider this I could say la la little things on this on this web on this um talk right now that don’t cause you to think that don’t cause you to change but for anyone that really wants to stop procrastinating over something and you place enough importance on it today will change today you can think of one action and just do it only today swap one bad thing for one good thing just today and then do it again tomorrow and again the next day the things that I had habitual now they’ll be replaced and you’ll have the habits you want to get you what you want everybody that I know with any ounce of success has done this and does this so I’m hoping that you see that I’m hoping that you see that and that you do that why even the way even the way you’re talking it’s very um you know it’s like I want to stop I want to go and do something immediately I haven’t even got anything to do and I want to go and do it let me just say let me take a second and say uh our good friend Mark Wilkinson uh who has inspired me immensely uh has just left a comment on YouTube thank you for passing through brother learned a lot from you my friend uh and I’m learning a hell of a lot here as well um Stuart Partridge is uh watching and he’s gonna be looking to pick up the uh Think and Grow Rich as an audio book and um my friend Jeff Jefferson uh is here good evening my friend are you still Stateside uh who else did I see pass through Stu Miller he says I’m sorry I’m late I had five things that I’ve put off to do at the last minute um so sitting listening to people um share these words from uh a different position a different place that one is in sometimes can be can cause uh the person to say yeah it’s easy enough for you to say uh some people are just so ingrained lazy is a horrible word to use I don’t like to use the word lazy but some people just find it impossible to act on so many different things so is there a general is there a general way that people can improve their whole outlook their whole attitude towards life and the importance of acting on things immediately definitely you know this comes back to the way we think that it’s about our mindset you know everything that we do every Every Act that we do or do not do is based on what we believe about that act and what we believe about ourselves and it’s usually reinforced by the people around us by the things we watch by the things we read all of those things you know they’re reinforcing and helping you see confirming the reality that you think that you think is around you if you think it’s abundant and there’s lots of opportunities and there is and if you think the opposite that there it isn’t and no one else can dissuade you of that because that’s what you believe okay but um I learned a really cool um definition the other day which was about mindset the way that we think and it said that mindset is a set of beliefs that help us to learn or change the things that we do the mindset a mindset can be changed because mindset is your thought it can be changed I think where it becomes really difficult is where we think that it’s going to change big and it’s going to change overnight that rarely happens you have to be unrealistic expectations yeah you have to have like some huge situation to change overnight like that but the things that help us change once you’re conscious that you want to make a change you have to consciously find ways to change your mindset so one of the first ways is to to speak to people that already have the mindset that you want already or already have the outcome that you that you want because the stories that they have there’s more bigger emphasis than me reading off facts or me that’s not related to you saying all these things and then you’re like yeah fair enough like look at you I understand that okay but someone that’s that maybe you admire like you watch that that um interview today someone that you admire or someone that’s close to you in a position of success in a position that’s already done the thing telling you their story of how they’ve done it begins to impact the mindset it begins to draw Notions of challenging yourself like is what I believe actually true because this isn’t actually this is not serving me it’s not bringing me closer to what I want so is this belief that I have helping me to learn and change and grow in the direction that I want or not because if it’s not and I’m feeling discomfort about what they’re telling me they’re telling me it’s possible my mindset is saying no no no no no maybe there’s something more to this that I can tell myself to change these thoughts so how you change your thoughts luckily we’re set up with this system within us where we tend to believe and to grow into what we think about most of the time that is what you see and that’s what you and that’s what you go into what you think about most of the time so you can begin to think opposite things if I think to myself like like I do I sometimes all used to I’m so unhealthy I’m really able to eat something something more healthy but yeah maybe tomorrow I’m going to do that tomorrow I’m gonna go shopping kind of thing um that’s not actually going to help me but the mindset of and and it’s quite fixed and not doing that but the mindset that allows me to change is I’m gonna write a shopping list right now and I’m going to find a way to get these healthy things or I’m going to clean out the cupboard right now I’m going to get rid of everything that isn’t serving me that I don’t want to have in my life I’m going to do something right now small thing it will help you feel better about it and as you begin to feel better you can feed yourself more of the thoughts that help you to change and Napoleon Hill calls them Auto suggestions or they can be affirmations but affirmations repeating to yourselves different things change your mindset and change your actions bit by bit a little bit by bit you want to say something I did want to say something thank you for allowing me a little space A friend of mine when I I he saw that we were having this conversation he directed me to an online talk that I caught a little bit of and there was some science to um the the art of procrastination saying that when we complete a task it releases you’ll probably be able to um yeah so you saw that so you release it and and it gives you a little pat on the back end and so you’re in that positive cycle of you tick off it you tick off something you get the the dopamine in in the wolf in whatever so are you familiar with that or did you just saw the comment that he’d made the comment that he made but it fits back into the Neuroscience of all of this or how the brain works in that if it’s a small thing yeah they call it incremental incremental alignment it is a small thing and it doesn’t put you off it doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed and it doesn’t repel you so in the same way much the same way just doing small things small actions and most importantly telling yourself morning when you wake up that about the things that you want um well speaking to yourself of that main goal that you want to achieve whether it’s health or it’s doing well in your business that day but if you do that in the morning it’s going to set you up for the day when you do it before you go to bed it’s gonna help reprogram part of your mind they call the subconscious mind which is where you’re not consciously at the Forefront of your mind thinking about stuff that is really um processed at night during your dreams that’s where everything gets put into the right place whether it should be a memory or an action or some kind of crazy nightmare that’s not quite sorted out and gives you symbols um this is when that’s done so if you think about what it is you want at night you’re more likely to program your subconscious to let go of some of the stuff that’s not helping you and to be replaced by the things that will help you you wake up feeling more positive in the morning reinforce those same good things again affirmations Auto suggestions you know I am getting better um day by day in every way things like that I post them every Thursday by the way on my Facebook page Thursday thoughts things that you can tell yourself that you are doing and who you are as an I am and notice what happens notice what happens for you there is some clearing out to be done before this but if you do this it’s going to bring you closer and give you more activity than if you didn’t do it well we’re talking about we’re talking about health here my attention is drawn to some of the comments um Stuart says great stuff so far Sophie oh he’s just got Sophia in his Stuart you you missed the beginning it’s Sofia it’s not Sophie it’s Sophia Stewart I don’t like the idea I like the idea of speaking to people we already know who have good habits in that spirit I wonder if we could ask Andy about his mindset and how he avoids procrastination um since we’ve witnessed how aniti away seems to be um but I can’t I I did briefly mention earlier I’m not sure if you joined us then um if I’m I’ll tell you this story very quickly I was approached by um a very good friend of mine when I was in my early 20s he actually came to me and asked me if I he was setting up a new business and would I go into business with him no this was a very successful guy who I held in high esteem and I was blown away I was like wow it was basically he was inviting me along to a multi-level marketing seminar to sell water filters actually uh for NSA um but uh if he’d have just put it out like that I probably would have would have said no but off of the back of that I started to go to a lot of the meetings I bought a lot of stock I was going out tried to sell water filters to people brilliant idea it was just 20 20 years too early um anyway cut a long story short because I really don’t want to sit here talking all evening I read a lot of books I went to a lot of seminars I listened to a lot of people who like Sophia um fed me with positive energy and then I I even went as far as going home talking to my mum and dad asking them about what their plans for life are what are where are they going with their life what are they doing I challenged my boss at work to give me a raise I told him how um his this was when where I met my wife I told him how he could improve the business how he could improve motivation of the the staff all of these kind of things and a fire was lit underneath me and I’ve never looked back since procrastination is one thing that I definitely don’t suffer from wow I’m glad you asked that question I hope that answers the question just because I mean I have I am at some point and this this is actually I tell a lie I do procrastinate I am going to start doing a series of one-on-one interview uh talks to the camera um I just feel uncomfortable doing it because I don’t really want to do it but I know there’s a lot of people who would like me to do it and I’m going to share more stories like that so that is one thing I’m procrastinating about but I have actually been nudged towards doing that a little bit more uh in recent times so there you go it’ll be fantastic thank you very much for saying uh Emily also says mindset is a powerful thing it took her six months to decide to do something about losing weight even though she had hated the way she looked every day now six months on she’s nearly lost two Stone and is determined to maintain it she’s even thinking about the next challenge which might take another six months she shared a photograph actually uh before and after photograph uh 12 months apart I believe last um Halloween in the same outfit that she was um slightly heavier last year than she is this year and the difference was you know was amazing to see so congratulations to Emily I wanna I wanna focus on that talking about um health and diet because I think one thing that most people will really relate to is um people want to lose weight people want to get fit they know what needs to be done they I mean everybody knows you’ve just got to eat less and move more everybody knows that um but some if something stops most people from doing it why I go to you the desire the desire to desire is just not strong if you don’t have a reason why it’s not a strong enough reason may I question that because I know people who really really do want to lose weight and there’s just there’s just not motivated enough to be [Music] it feels too big but anytime that I’ve done it because I have had this challenge with my weight anytime that I’ve done it myself um I have some kind of accountability so the first thing you know is asking other people’s stories about what they did and we know the story eat less and move more and so on but anytime I’ve done it is because of this principle called a mastermind having someone accountable that wants to walk with you along that goal so what I do for instance now this year I wanted to lose weight and I started going to the working out every day but I take a video of myself working out and I post it to my WhatsApp status every day with the number of the day and about how it felt so I feel like if I don’t do it everyone’s watching so it’s a little bit of that keeping myself accountable and then I in the beginning I asked who’s with me so people will kind of message me back and say yeah no I’m doing it too but another thing that I did or did you I guess it depends how chronic your illness is or your situation is at that time so I can only again speak for my own experience but I will usually buy a dress or an outfit in the size I want to be not about so much the scales because they go up and down especially when you gain muscle and you think you’ve been working out really hard you just like put all this weight on it can be so off-putting but um I do it give myself a deadline calculate pretty much the maths of of how many calories I need to burn it might not be the most effective way but how much I should eat and how much I should burn do that every day no it’s gonna take me three months because you know one stone is this many calories over time and I’ve always hit it that way well isn’t that what I don’t know but maybe it’s my background in maths but I usually just work it I think it’s like 500 calories in a week is definitely give you one pound and then you just keep doing it well one of them under eight but I make sure I burn it yeah one of the things that really hit home to me regarding nutrition diet and nutrition was the whole macronutrients breaking it down understanding the difference of of what your body needs the deficit and so on and so forth which comes back to the really important point that I was going to make was you said about accountability and also listening and talking to people who have done it before if you get a dietitian if you hire a dietitian if you pay a personal trainer they can show you the results they can set out that roadmap for you that you need to follow and if they break that down into small enough increments the whole task doesn’t look that good but people have to have um realistic expectations of how much they’re trying to lose and when they want to lose it by because uh unrealistic expectations just just tear dreams apart don’t they yeah I think that’s the case smaller small enough steps and also understanding especially with something like weight it takes years to go on you may not notice but it takes years of just a pound here and there maybe a pound a month but you have to allow yourself there it may take years if you only want to do little bits at a time it may take years and that’s okay as long as you are progressively moving towards that worthy ideal that picture of yourself that you want then that’s okay just like um you know Emily said last year I would look like this today I’m like this another six months I know that I’m going to keep it up and and things make it better right now I’m working out to fit into a dress in November it’s November now what’s the occasion Ally It’s the 8th of December 8th of December a wedding okay well yeah that’s one of the biggest motivations for um one of the biggest motivations for most women isn’t it they will always get that wedding dress that’s slightly too small that they know they’re going to fit into and they always do whatever happens after that that’s another story but whatever happened to us another story I mean I’m not perfect at this because as I said there’s different areas of life and there’s always going to be something that is of more importance or less important right now that’s what it is for me I like at the moment reading and I like working out and there are other things that I’m really interested in but there are other things that have fallen by the wayside because that’s how life is it abs and flows and you have to allow yourself that Grace not everything is always on the up at the same time there are things that you can’t account for maybe everything in your whole life is going well and then someone Close to You dies like and it wipes you out you you just don’t know what’s going to happen but the best you can do is work towards the things that the life that you want every day a little bit day by day and be grateful that you said to do that you said then uh something that will um be a lot of people will relate to a lot of our friends I know we’ll relate to this losing someone close to you um many people especially as we’re getting older by the day many many of our friends are losing loved ones they’re losing family members um and it can have devastating effects some people learn to deal with this um better than others some people myself personally I’ve used death in my life as a huge inspiration as a huge motivational tool to push me on to achieve better things some of that is due to regret some of that is due to guilt I’ve you know I’ve made that very very clear but I’ve still used it as motivation to I’ve learned from those steps other people get stuck in a in a like a grief cycle um do you have any expertise in in allowing people to to guide people out of that of grief um I can say that the greatest grief earlier agree for me was when the children’s father died unexpectedly when we were 25. um because I had two little kids and I was young myself so I didn’t really understand what to do to be honest that that really shut me down um the handling of it so I could really understand now how it could just shut you down when things are going well my work was going well and other things and it was actually the trigger much like yourself that made me realize life can be short no matter how much I’m working and things are going well life could be taken away from me at any moment I better be doing something that I enjoy with this life because life could be too short to stay in this job that I hate or to stay in this body that I’m not happy with so I think I started to question it then and that’s when I then I look for that personal development seminar that I told you about it was around the same time because the children’s father had died didn’t like my job and all that so how long are you going to stay in this job you hate then Rock Bottom how long did it take you to have the strength to to go and and searches I think it actually took it it took over a year of growing in resentment for where I was it wasn’t my boss’s fault that they were providing me work but at the time they were the worst place in the world like what am I doing here and I went into work and I was just miserable and had a terrible attitude because I didn’t want to be there anymore so maybe over a year and then I started to question was this what I really wanted from life well I wasn’t doing what I loved then I started to attract and meet people that were doing things and that were happy and that’s how I ended up at that seminar this was a long time ago now like 20 years but more recently in the pandemic I lost someone that was very close to me um it was a girlfriend and and she was hugely inspirational for me um very successful very happy um in the things she was doing in business and so on but she looked at my life as you just got married you just had this baby there are so many things that you’re doing that I haven’t done yet um you know what you’re waiting for girl you could be doing so much more so when she passed any time that I got down after that I really thought of her like if she was here she would be taking more advantage of this she would be more in gratitude for this and I moved into that much more quickly I think with the mindset that I have now that I can’t really allow myself to stay low for too long because I feel like she’s watching me you know I feel like she’s there sometimes and um Napoleon Hill talks about having invisible counsel in the in the end of his book He’s he has this chapter on the sixth sense and he put together something like a boardroom of people that had passed away that he really admired so he would have these boardroom discussions he would ask I don’t know let’s say Jesus for instance he would ask him for how do I how do I how my patient how will I be patient through this or how can I be kind through this but he would ask everybody for their expertise on how he could get through the next thing and I see my friends that have passed as somewhat invisible counsel for me at times the qualities that they possess and that helps me with the grief it helps me move forward and make that most of my own life is no it doesn’t console you that they’re gone but it allows you to live a little for them and carry their memory with you and just in doing that can help you to take the next step yeah that touch me that did yeah because I completely relate to that I completely completely completely relate to that uh all right right where do we go from there uh still people commenting my friend in China good evening Martin uh Neil Pinnock good evening uh brilliant I mean we’re 60 minutes into this conversation there and it’s been very very enlightening I’m sure it’s something and we we could talk about and I’d be quite happy to talk about all evening but is there any are there any important points that we um we would say to somebody right now who’s watching this because they procrastinate their first and I think I did ask this earlier let’s just recap the first immediate step that they can take um to change their lives right now would you say go online and buy a book or search out Think and Grow richer a free PDF to read or something like that that doesn’t cost money what would you say you know what the greatest things are free in life I wouldn’t say start with reading I would start with thinking so the thought that I want you to have to put aside five ten minutes for in peace when you know you’re not going to be disturbed and to really think about your lives five or maybe even ten years down the line imagine the perfect day think about where you’re going to be living what you see when you wake up who is around you what you do for a living what you do in a day what you wear you know which country you’re in think about every detail of what that thing is your perfect ideal day how you would love your life to be and then write it down the thing that you most want from Life imagine that nothing’s impossible for right now that it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got enough money or you haven’t got enough time right now just for now just really paint the picture of the thing that you want most in your heart and then when you read that again think about the small steps that you could take now to reach it so if that person is super healthy and they go running every morning maybe you could wake up 10 minutes early and do a five minute walk in the morning if that person you know has has a successful business and that’s what they’re doing or they’re in their dream job and you’re not in it yet maybe you could investigate what does it take to be in that job what would it take to set up that business what could I do now could I read books about my dream job could I speak to people in that type of business and Apprentice with them think about it now life is too short and you can start doing those small things thinking about them and affirming to yourself most importantly every day that in every day in every way I am getting better and better and then following my own Facebook follow me on Facebook message me there no seriously do that because that’s where I inspire all right I follow um I have followed a page um that’s because okay this there’s two parts to the comments I’m going to make now the first statement was I follow a page The Law of Attraction and every day it’s a positive statement it’s like an inspirational a meme and it’s it’s you know it’s it’s really good it’s just it’s it’s the same as the uh well it isn’t the same as get your words out wardy you know the um what’s the word where you read your stars every day what’s that called horoscope I have an app a free app is called I am and every day on the hour from when I wake up to when I go to bed it sends me and I am so no matter what’s going on this little I am thing pops up and right now it just said I am creating a firm foundation for Success like that all the time it just seems that they’re just the right message on time and you can keep that and repeat it to yourself well that’s it your subconscious or you will you keep reading these positive affirmation messages it’s got to be a good thing it’s like I was coming back about the horoscopes you’ll read into that whatever you want to read into right um let me just uh so the other thing I was going to say was gone clean out of my head so it doesn’t matter let me read some comments uh and then we’ll start wrapping up because I know congratulations well for procrastinations about thought make to be able to make decisions you’ve got to know what you want what it is you want move towards it every day remembering it and uh for me that’s that’s the major thing that’s always helped me in life see it is it the same as a is it a mood board or a lifeboard uh you can do a vision board actually every January I do um an exercise called the millionaire money plan with a group of women and we end up with a vision video so everything I give them a million uh pounds or dollars whatever in in some way every January and um they figure out exactly what they want to do with money is No Object and so at the end of that all the things that they would want without this restriction debts paid off and all that kind of thing uh we do a video about that and they watch that every day and mostly they get what they want incredible people definitely need to uh to contact you I’m aware that the husband and the the Whirlwind of the Sun is going to be there’s being quiet right now oh I’ll just let them come in well I I I keep you in line let me just read this message because as you were saying um about life is being short Lynn um says life is short focusing on doing what feels right for you and those you love is everything being successful to me is feeling satisfied and having gratitude for the life I have I’m not always striving for something else definitely living talking about herself and her husband definitely living our best lives for those who cannot that is everything to me too Lynn was my fantastic guest last week on the show as well uh Prue good evening she says visualization and action I have to keep being reminded thank you very much and uh there’s a lot of thanks and praise a lot of comments uh and questions were made on the thread that you’ll be able to go back and check out when you have a moment um like I say I really would love sitting talking to you all evening but I’m aware that the time is dragging on and tea time uh beckons I’m sure is it t for you ten time right now for the little one yeah eight o’clock here in Spain wonderful oh I hear you Oliver does he want to come and say hello does he want to come and say hello come and say hello I’m finishing on this live now come upstairs come and say bye to everyone you’ve been such a boy tell us the story that you told me earlier when we were doing the quick Tech test about your husband he’s running up foreign okay do you want to tell us about daddy yeah I think she can hear me now because I talked about that Bobby hello everybody’s watching you now oh sorry now he got told off by Daddy for running upstairs and then but now we have to we have to have a reenactment of daddy crawling along the floor on the news okay what happened I I was saying to Andy that I did a live training the other night but my husband was downstairs and didn’t know I’m upstairs so he’d gone to do something in his underwear before the call and we just saw him at the back there just the bottom just crawling and crawling around the back soon but just the bottom wonderful fantastic we didn’t have that today I’m sorry sweetheart okay well listen I will leave you to your evening Sophia thank you so much it’s been truly uh solely rich and I’ll say goodbye to everyone now thank you thank you bye-bye let’s say bye-bye reluctant bye see you later take care hi it’s gone right okay how fantastic was that I loved it I love this I loved it uh let me read back some of these comments to everybody Lynn says an amazing woman thank you so much Sophia and myself uh he miss mommy Lisa with us from the beginning till the end thank you very much and uh all of the comments are coming in Mr Malcolm we love sorry my friend I didn’t see you there or I think I did earlier and it’s gone clean out of my head how are you brother uh yeah I can’t reflect on that conversation because we’ve just spent 60 Minutes covering it really really great definitely a lot of food for thought there I know one or two of you are uh king and queen procrastinator so maybe your time you will start to take steps to put that right um on the screen here you can see my conversation next week is life after addiction how it’s possible and why it’s essential uh one of my friend who’s been commenting throughout this evening Mr Stuart Partridge is someone that I uh have known for 30 plus years actually you know what earlier on when I was talking about that conversation saying it was 20 odd years ago that I got into network marketing it was 30 years ago not 20 years ago I moved to Spain 20 years ago anyway that’s by the by uh Stuart Partridge is going to be with me next week telling me about uh how he got to the point where he needed to turn his back on drinking drugs and um we’ll be talking about how he’s achieved that I’m also going to be joined uh by one of the person as well so that’s going to be next week but it’s going to be at this time kicking off at seven o’clock your time in the UK um using restream we broadcast to my personal profile we also broadcast to the Inspire and be inspired page now depending on uh which you were watching you may have been able to see some comments you may have not read any comments because most the comments I think may have been on my own profile but do head on over to inspire and be inspired the official page on Facebook and uh like the page you can share any of the videos and you can also go and check me out on YouTube and subscribe if you haven’t yet subscribed um uh about 70 people away from having a thousand subscribers it’s free to subscribe I’m not even sure what is going to happen when I get to a thousand but it’s a nice little goal I’ve set myself I’d love to see if I can do it before the new year right so everyone is saying thank you thank you thank you Malcolm keep it up I will indeed uh I will leave it there thank you to all of the access members who are with me along every step of this journey you can see all of the logos that have been flashing up throughout and also when I finish the stream tonight we will have a roll call of all of the crew and starting this Saturday morning I’m going to be doing a uh live Zoom call for anybody that cares to join me we’re going to be talking about uh I’ll be giving you some tips on how to get all your live streaming set up I’ll be answering any questions that you may have whether it’s about DJing whether it’s about equipment anything it’s just gonna I’ve called it the Saturday morning coffee club uh I’m gonna jump on just after school new finishes on jazz FM and just before the brother C begins I’m pressure so that’s going to be Saturday morning nine o’clock just a little 60 Minute hangout for us via Zoom you don’t even need to be on the camera but it will be live so you can ask me any questions and I’ll talk you through anything that you need that’s my little bit of motivation for this week another idea that came to me this morning I’ve put it into action and it’s going to be happening even if it’s just myself and Emily uh and me talking her through OBS and Shiner some uh tips and tricks on the controller right uh let me have a look great chat we’ll be listening back thank you Jane thank you noni Martin um sorry I missed you today obviously I was out having lunch with my mum we will definitely have a conversation Amy yes Saturday morning nine o’clock and um uh drop me a message and I’ll send you a link on how you can get that it’s open to everybody only people who are in my access crew will have received an invite for that um but it is going to be open to everybody so I will share a link on Saturday morning okay I’ve spoken way too much I’ve taken up too much of your time please don’t forget if you haven’t yet subscribed to me on YouTube head on over and subscribe and uh be good to yourself thank you again to Sophia really thoroughly enjoyed that amazing Pearls of Wisdom thank you guys take care foreign [Music]


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