Australia – week 2

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Australia – week 2

The start to my second week in Australia was a bad omen if ever I saw one, with Sam’s car breaking down on the slip road as soon as we left Brisbane airport.  Just as we got out of the car it started raining, and it wasn’t to stop for another 5 days !

After being rescued by Zach Salar and Brett J of Nightvision, a quick clothes change and we hit Fortitude Valley for a big night out with the boys.  This was my only weekend without gigs so I was about to make the most of it.  As usual, the finer points are a little sketchy.. copious amounts of shots and vodka were consumed and a good Saturday night was had by all.  At one point I remember bouncing along to Sebastion Leger playing alongside Baby Gee, the next I was munching pizza in a taxi.  Standard.

While in Brisbane I was staying with the guys in their very swish batchelor pad, a high roofed apartment within an old converted wool factory, right on the edge of Brisbane’s now infamous river.  With three sets of friends in their own units within the same building, the entire week consisted of food, jokes, beer, food, more jokes and then more beer, followed by some food… and a bit more beer.  I enjoyed watching the guys do what young guys do best (use your imagination) and was grateful that they allowed me to be the boring old bloke constantly tidying up and cooking.  While all this took place it rained and rained and rained.  What followed became worldwide news and Australia’s worst natural disaster ever.  You can see my brief documentary of happenings in these short videos.

To donate to Australia’s flood fund click here

Due to the floods, we were uncertain as to whether or not the gigs would or even should be held, but after much back and forth and hard work cleaning the Sunday venue, we decided to go ahead and try to raise as much money for the flood aid fund as possible.

It goes without saying that both Saturday and Sunday events were no where near as busy as usual but both were extremely good indeed considering.   Saturday at Alhambra saw some great warm up music from Jason Morley, Brett J and Zach Salar with myself taking over with some straight up house anthems.  I’d like to say I can remember what I played, but that would be a lie !  I do recall Tom Gazell taking over when I finished and I had a good old boogie until the lights came on.

Waking up on Sunday I definitely wasn’t feeling too healthy, but nothing a nice cold beer wouldn’t fix.  The day started off slowly at Watt @ The Powerhouse, the Sundae event has been running for many years now and Cool Hand Luke has done an amazing job in creating the perfect Sunday afternoon session consisting of great people, a lovely setting and nice vibes.  We had a great turn out and there was an amazing atmosphere.  I love being able to play music I want to a crowd who get on with their socialising and not standing watching me… that’s when it is all about the music and not the showmanship and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  My supposed two hour set turned into a four hour session and it was a great way to end my Queensland leg of the tour and week 2.

It has been a very surreal week, one I will never forget for obvious reasons and I would like to thank Brett and Zach for their amazing hospitality.  Sharing so many jokes and beers with all the guys has been very special, as always.  I would list all the guys and girls we also hung out with but I’d hate to miss anyone off.. respect to each and every one of the Brisbane crew that I met along the way, as always guys it’s been emotional and I can’t wait to do it again with you, either here or somewhere exotic one day.

Week 3 begins with the mother of all hangovers.  I head to Melbourne tomorrow and am happy to announce a further gig, my only one in Melbourne itself, taking place on Tue 25th January, on the eve of Australia Day.   Before then we have the wonders of Cobram to look forward to, with a big weekend of parties lined up and even more drinking, although at the moment the thought of any more alcohol is making me want to cry.


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  1. You playing at my birthday party was the highlight of my year this far. Thank you for my song darling – as always it was MORE than wonderful to see you. Love you loads blud (?) Safe trip home to your beautiful family xxxx

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