Andy Ward talks to Danny Brown

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Andy Ward talks to Danny Brown

Danny Brown was a renowned character on and off the football terraces of Aston Villa during the 80s and 90s and later became a best-selling author. Despite knowing of Danny for many years before we ever actually met face to face, we talk about his life and love for ‘The Villa” amongst one or two other topics.


  1. Really really well done Andy!! a few observations….loved how Danny came alive when talking about his experiences as a football fan and “hooligan “….probing but gentle questions by yourself Andy….and bloomin heck Danny, a book, fabulous!

    I particularly like the honesty in the interviews and you can tell its unrehearsed ( well done on that approach Andy)and you can almost feel the angst from Danny and the ‘how can I answer that question without dropping anyone in it!’ However, maybe there were a few stereotypical questions initially but actually Andy you made it work
    Interesting insight into the athletics and love the continued motivation of ‘what can I do next’

    know Danny through Salsa, a person who always took time to dance with me as a beginner even though he was a very experienced, excellent Salsa dancer. Really kind Guy

    Loving it Andy, well done again

    1. Thanks for listening. Yes they are stereotypical questions but ones I ask time and time again because the answers are so varied from person to person x

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