Your very own ‘Escape Plan’ to one of Spain’s best kept secrets.


What is the Access Family Scheme?

For £60 per month enjoy EIGHT DAYS of your choice across twelve months. 

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one, seriously.

 Terms and Conditions:

  • By joining the Access Family Scheme you commit to an annual subscription of £60 per month via Paypal. 
  • A total of 8 days stay in a private, two bedroom apartment for up to 4 adults is included in any twelve month period. Visit once or multiple times.
  • Final subscription price includes PayPal charges. There will be a one-off laundry surcharge of £20 per person for more than 2 guests.
  • Airport transfers not included.
  • Dates available subject to availability.

    Your statutory rights are not affected… whatever that means!

Unfortunately we cannot make this part of the original access £10 per month plan. If you cannot afford both you will need to cancel that subscription (or contact me and I can cancel it for you).