Xmas Eve 2005

The Vocal Booth went out live on the FM dial here in Spain long before it was broadcast around the world.  Ahead of teaming up with Pressure Radio, I was introduced to the wonders of internet radio by Rob Hayes on his SCFM station.  It was a relatively intimate station with a small band of us in the chat room on a daily basis and was to be the start of my love affair with chat rooms and the likes (not those kind).  I regularly would come home from a big weekend after playing to some massive audiences and then be happy to play to just a few people on air, the ability to be able to do that from the comfort of my own home has always impressed me and it’s why I love my shows so much.
Here you get a moment in time, Xmas Eve 2005 as we prepare for Santa to arrive.  It is quite ‘funny’ to hear how subdued I am on the mic in comparison to some of the madness that goes on every week nowadays.  Most importantly, there are some great tunes on this show with minimum chat !
Go on admit it.. you’ve missed the Vocal Booth !  I will be back on air Thursday 12th January.
Have a great New Year party if you get this in time !

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  1. Thanks for your props in the email you sent round with the link to this mix.
    It’s heartwarming for me, that you remember how, when and where it all happened and that you have the grace and forethought to give props to those involved, given how many people you have become acquainted with since 2005!
    Even though I have been MIA from Pressure and events for a couple of years now, my heart still belongs to House and try that i might, I cannot walk away from it. Recent social events I’ve attended with music playing has re-affirmed this; other music just cannot cut it and cause me to want make a quick exit to go home, tune into Pressure! I am so bloody spoilt with good djs that no ordinary house party will do without me desperately seeking a bit of broadband and interrupting the music to stream Pressure. Rude as that may be, either that happens or i leave a bit earlier than anticipated ( as i did last night at a party) no Pressure, no likey !
    It is a fact – join the Pressure chatroom and wherever you may be and no matter how sad or alone you feel, you can always drop by share your woes or joys and be lifted by the music and the geniune support of the Pressure Fam . I am really blessed that the crew we have there now get on with business in the spirit that was always intended by DJP and that there is rarely any drama as the Fam has grown to respect what we have money cannot buy !!!
    I wish you and Michelle and the children a healthy and happy 2012
    Love to all the VBW SPW and Pressure Crew x Mama C x

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