VB2012 is here – Full Details

For the last three weeks I have been waking up at stupid o’clock. As soon as my brain gets the slightest sensation of being awake it springs into action at a million miles an hour, making it impossible to go back to sleep, regardless of the time. Today it was 4.18am. Just what I need ahead of 10 of the biggest days of my year !
Some of the VB Family have already arrived, many more arrive today and tomorrow while the majority make the journey from all four corners of the globe and arrive, safe and sound, on Friday. The anticipation is unbearable. There are many surprises in store for the crew in attendance and I look forward to sharing the good vibes with everyone that cannot make it with our live video broadcasts and separate Pressure Radio transmissions too.
I urge you to be sure to check out my son’s set at 14:30 hrs on Sunday 16th (GMT+1), followed by the wonderful ‘Clash of the Titans’ non-DJ competition at 16:00. In fact.. just cancel plans for your weekend and stay glued to your computer for some amazing vibes !
The energy and excitement within the private VB Family Facebook Group is unbelievable and while there is no pressure at all on me, I feel anxious at what lies ahead. Not fear, just that sickening feeling you get when you cannot wait for something and are not certain of how things will go… and yet, in true Gemini style, I also feel calm and confident in what promises to be another moment in history where 500+ people have one of the best weekends of their lives.
Please be there to witness it on-line !


Remember – All times are GMT+1 !!!
Click for larger view, or visit www.vocalboothweekender.com for sound and vision.


  1. Still gutted I won’t be making it this year :-(!!! Funny tho that since yesterday I’ve been anticipating it as well as I’m gonna be online as much as possible over the next week…even devising ways to sneak away from work to have a lil VBW2012 boogie hahaha!!! Enjoy the ride my friend…gonna be an awesome one again!!!

  2. Andy,
    Me (Johnny) and Bernie (girlfriend)are old skool and over the years we’ve had some memorable moments at various events ….. Caister/Bournemouth/Southport/Prestatin/Minehead/Suncebeat etc (oh .. and SS Radio boat trips!) and have met some top people, grooving to some top music created by top DJ’s
    Despite this, we are actually new to the family and are obviously looking forward to the coming weekend ahead, big time.
    Andy …. we’d like to say thanks in advance to you and your team for all the hard work that is invested in VBW to ensure you provide what will be no doubt be a memorable weekend of high octane underground cutting edge house music – LET THE SHOW BEGIN!!
    Bless the family one and all!!
    Johnny and Bernie

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