1994. The year of the pill

Another moment in time. We go back to New Year’s Eve 1994 (maybe it is 93 after all ?) and a live recording from a night called “Cabello”. It is one of the most memorable nights of my DJ history, even though I hardly remember any of it (all becomes apparent). I decided to share this one mix as a podcast for anyone that doesn’t follow my blog. There are several links to more of these sets on my web site as well as on my app. Get the app here – http://andyward.mobapp.at/

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Vb 15th Dec

The final live show of the year (podcasts will continue for a few weeks with mixes of my choosing). Some of my favourite tracks from the last twelve months and some great fun inside the chat room. Have a great Xmas and New Year guys.

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VB 10th Nov

3 non stop mixes on this week’s show combined with one or two hot new joints. Week two of Movember saw some hysterical chat and two great mixes from the O’Connor brothers.
All set for the big reunion in London this weekend, and over on the VBW mailing list we have now announced news of the December line up in Birmingham !!

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