After Ours, Vol 5

It’s the height of the summer. You return back to your villa after a heavy night out, whether in Phuket, Ibiza or Miami.  As the after-party is in full swing, poolside, you fall asleep on your sun lounger.  Around 10am you wake up with the sun beating down on your face. Around you is a sea of bodies and the remnants of one very heavy session.  You reach for a cold drink, hit play on the stereo and relax back into semi-consciousness as the first track sucks you in.  The mix builds and you realise there is more of last night’s energy inside you than you thought.  You find yourself nodding to the hypnotic grooves one minute, punching the sky the next as the rest of the crew stir and the pool party comes alive.

Alternatively, you can listen to this mix on your way to work !

Inspired by my recent travels, I give you After Ours, Volume 5.

The thing I love about this series of mixes is that it contains music I would never otherwise get the opportunity to share.  Different mixes have different vibes and I continue to get great feedback on them all.  I really enjoyed taking my time over the last few months and carefully programming this set. I tested it out in Australia and it did the business.

Here are volumes 1 to 4 for you to download if you haven’t previously. These were amongst the most popular of the mixes I used to send out via my now deleted Podomatic account.


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