A Good Deed

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A Good Deed

I always remember reading/hearing that you should never talk about donating to charity. So I don’t. I am involved with a few charities that I never mention but every November I do get very vocal as myself and my friends all take part in Movember and am very grateful for all your donations.
After the 2011 Vocal Booth Weekender, Soul de Marin and Paul Groove arranged for some of the producers who appeared that year to present me with a package of tracks, for free, to release on the Sounds of the Booth label. Unfortunately they were not aware that I had already decided to stop putting tracks out on the label, so I went about finding a home for it.
TONY-RECORDS-BOOTH-VOL-2-500-X-500-330x330Friends of the Booth Volume 2 eventually came out on Tony Humphries’ Tony Records imprint. I suggested to all the guys involved that the profits should go to a charity, seeing as there really wouldn’t be much to shout about once it was split up between them all.
This morning it was my absolute pleasure and honour to be able to make donations to three different charities on behalf of the guys.. and seeing as it was in their name I don’t mind shouting about it.
Massive respect to:
Ricky Morrison, Groove Assassin, Soul Renegades, Soul de Marin, BlackWax, Deep City Soul, Soulful Session & Paul Groove.

I would also like to thank the Vocal Booth Family who all purchased tracks off the EP, despite being given it for free !
In total, £400 was donated to the following charities (click links for more info):
Mr Miggs London Marathon 
Dawn Green PMP Survivor Charity
Macmillan Nurses (in memory of my wife’s mother who passed away some years ago)
Good luck to Miggs on his run, and God bless everyone fighting the good fight !

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